Artful Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

4 Dec 2012

For the first time since I can remembermaybe everI have actually started my holiday art projects early, and have actually finished some of my handmade arts and crafts projects.

mixed media gift bags
Beverage gift bags by
Barbara Delaney.

I am still working on a few things, but I feel confident I'll get it all done before Christmas and maybe even have time to make some of those last-minute gifts that always need doing.

In case you're looking for some easy gifts to make, here are three of my favorite go-to projects. Each can be customized to the recipient and the holiday you celebrate. In fact, these gift-making ideas can be used year-round.

First, you can make any beverage gift special with quick and easy handmade fabric art gift bags designed by Barbara Delaney. A holiday motif is shown here, but you could also use the pattern and your imagination to personalize a birthday or anniversary gift.

screen printed patchwork dishtowel
My own screen-printed dishtowels.
Personally, I like to give mixed-media crafts that are useful, like screen-printed dishtowels. I had some of my husband's drawings turned into Thermofax® screens and printed the designs onto fabric. Then I pieced fabric strips together and stitched them to purchased dishtowels. They make an easy and practical hostess gift.

easy fabric circle necklace
Ruby Wrigley models her fabric circle necklace.
Finally, here's a handmade arts project that's easy enough for a child to make. In fact, a child designed it! Young sewist Ruby Wrigley's fabric necklaces make the perfect last-minute gift for someone special.

If you love creating mixed-media gifts for others at Christmas and are in need of some last-minute gift-making ideas, check out this helpful page in the Cloth Paper Scissors Shop.

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ctutt wrote
on 8 Dec 2012 11:13 AM

My favorite holiday make-it project is my annual Christmas postcard. I have been doing them since I was in Graphic Arts school in the 80s; during the mid-90s I worked at a print shop and got cards printed on both sides in an array of dazzling colors...for free!  ;-)    One of my favorite designs was a cut-and-fold tree ornament printed on red card stock ~~ a Christmas card and a craft project all in one!

Kathy983 wrote
on 20 Dec 2012 12:38 PM

My christmas crafts have been many this year.  I made plush pockets with wire handles as gifts.  I filled these simple pockets with candies and small bottle of hand lotion.  I enjoyed making each pocket different trimmed with assorted ribbons, buttons, trinkets, etc.   I got the idea of pockets from CPS as denim jeans pockets were shared in a blog.

   Bottle cap magnets were easy and fun to make. Using scrapbook papers, these were very low cost.

   I made my two sisters a recipe book with my deceased mother handwrittten recipes.I had given my mom a journal to write down her recipes years prior to her death.  I copied the pages and inserted many photographs of my parents.  My sister called and was so grateful for this gift.  We love seeing our mom's handwriting and comments she wrote about her recipes.