Spread the Love with Art and Three Great Causes

7 Feb 2013

Here's something I love about artists: when there's a cause worth supporting, they give. Often, they give their art--which takes so much more energy and spirit than writing a check or pressing a Paypal button--which in turn raises money and also awareness of the cause. And then there are the artists who support the cause by buying the art.

art shoes by frances holliday alford
Korean Festival Shoes by
Frances Holliday Alford.

Today I have three causes for you to consider supporting with your art or your cash (which will involve getting some amazing art).

Fiberart for a Cause: Once again, mixed-media fiber artist Virginia Spiegel has coordinated her Fiberart for a Cause Fundraiser to Benefit the American Cancer Society, this year themed A Year of Art. Some of your favorite artists have donated artwork to the cause and 27 others (including the Cloth Paper Scissors team) have donated prize packages totaling more than $1,500 that will go to one extremely lucky winner.

The event is February 12 and 13, 2013, and you don't want to miss it! Get all the details at the A Year of Art website.

Kick off Your Heels:  When Sue Bleiweiss and Jamie Fingal found out that more women die each year in the US from cardiovascular disease than all cancers combined they decided it was time to put together a project to help raise awareness of that horrifying statistic.

But, if you know Jamie and Sue, you know the fundraiser would have to be a creative one. So they have invited artists to submit decorated high heel art shoes that will be sold to raise funds. Their goal is to raise $5,000 for The Barbra Streisand Women's Heart Center at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

mixed media postcards
Art for the Postcard project by
Vivika Hansen DeNegre (left) and me.
The call for shoes has been issued and registration starts February 15, 2013, so strut on over to the Kick Off Your Heels blog for more info.

The Postcard Project: Finally, you may have heard that mixed-media artist Jane Davies owns what has to be the cutest post office in America-or at least Vermont. But, the postal service is threatening to close it if it doesn't have enough business. So Jane has started the Postcard Project. You send Jane an art postcard, she sends one back to you. Easy breezy.

Quilting Arts Magazine
Editor Vivika Hansen DeNegre and I have made and sent some, and we hope you do, too! A perfect excuse to send Valentines. Get all the info on Jane's blog.

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squiddy wrote
on 8 Feb 2013 2:47 PM

Have a heart for Jane's workload - she does say the first 200, not everyone.  Whenever I'm doing postcard swaps, I do a few extras, send them to people whose products I've used, or friends... or Jane this time.  Here in NZ "The System" is threatening to reduce residential deliveries to 3 days per week - they've already increased the cost of a basic letter 2 years in a row, from 50 to 60 now 70 cents. Never mind that many businesses work "from home".  I still prefer CPS, Piecework etc to come on paper not digital, it's bad enough waiting without having to wait yet another day or two while it sits in the local PO waiting for the postie's day to work!

Cstrominger wrote
on 9 Feb 2013 5:18 AM

I love your post and your observation that artist are extra sensitive to causes of social justice, much needed medical research and the like.  I have one to share also that is coming up.  The venue is an interesting one and the purpose of this organization really relates to your post.


This contest is for high-school and college age students and the cause it will benefit is called WAR International.  WAR is an acronym for "women at risk" and the focus of this non-profit is victims of sex-trafficking world-wide...yes, also in America, not just "over there".  Human-trafficking is the fasted growing arm of organized crime today.

I hope you will help to spread the word!  Bless you!