Found Things Thursday: Bed Springs

4 Nov 2010

Found Things Thursday 001

Headshot “Bouncing Bed Springs, Batman!”

“Hold your horses Robin, and let’s see what the good people of Gotham City might have in store for these contraptions of evil.”

So, what are your ideas?

I pulled these from a box spring on the side of the road on garbage day—just the springs, no bedding. I actually had to run home to get a pair of heavy-duty pliers because these babies hold on tight! I felt a little like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel(TM) when he worked at a mattress recycling factory.

IMG_2588 I had no idea what I would do with these, but I was willing to be eco-friendly and save a few of the springs for a future, yet-to-be-named project. Plus, they’ve come in handy for a photo shoot or two.

What would you do with these? Batman wants to know—and Robin is getting impatient.

KaPow! BoinG!


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on 4 Nov 2010 8:52 AM

My friend Kate rescued an entire bed of rusted springs and we have been using them for many things. Think a long strip of connected springs down the center of the dining room table, each spring with grass in it and a different color collaged Easter egg!

on 4 Nov 2010 9:53 AM

Years ago my best friend gifted me with a "bedspring chandelier" he had bought from an artist in Madrid, New Mexico, and it still hangs from my four poster bed frame. A small votive glass cup is nestled in the spring, and it's adorned with curled wires that end in wire-wrapped colored stones.

amy1961 wrote
on 5 Nov 2010 7:35 AM

Wrap them in a string of tiny Christmas lights - instant holiday decoration! OR you could wrap them in silver toned wire and and wire on red beads to make an industrial "tree in winter" or maybe use some kind of aged/distressed wire with brass nuts & bolts etc. instead of beads for a steampunk look?

Anonymous wrote
on 5 Nov 2010 1:44 PM

Amy girl - you rock! What a fabulous idea for the Steampunk slant on the bedspring! Mind if I use your idea and morph it just a bit? How about attaching a small wire loop to hang it from a wall (largest spiral being flat against the wall) and using small handformed hooks (pieces of a wire coathanger?) to hang any number of interesting things from the coils - including all the punk stuff and some lightweight tag art. It might even be a bit humerous to attach one of those faucets thingees you recently posted to the smallest spiral giving the sense of the faucet having been over/under tightened. Could even be an interesting way to store shorter pieces of ribbon/fiber when hanging from the wall.

csmucker wrote
on 7 Nov 2010 3:07 PM

A friend of mine made me a candle holder, using a glass insulator (from an old telephone post) and some coiled wire.  I'm sure this would work the same way if you clipped a little off the top and wound it around the center of the insulator.  

lindadrake wrote
on 8 Nov 2010 8:28 AM

I have made birds springs out of their nests with these!  They are indeed a bugger to take apart!  A friend of mine hung an entire set of these old bed springs on her wall and added a series of bird nests.  It was really wonderful!  These old springs also make a great frame to plop in your garden and plant flowers to spring up out of.  

SueB@77 wrote
on 8 Nov 2010 8:29 AM

Mount it small end down on a block of wood and use as a funky vase for dried flower or paper flower arrangements.

lav1114 wrote
on 8 Nov 2010 3:35 PM

Holy coilage, Batman, these bedsprngs have creative ideas bouncing of the walls..

1.) PHOTO HOLDER: Add beads here, there...including a few polymer clay beads to act as a "stop" to decorate them before using as a photo holder by bending up last (smallest), top coil...

2.)MAIL SORTER/ORGANIZER: same beading or decorating idea, except wire two together with the small ends together in center, using decorative wire, of course...use two to four beads glued in place as a "stop" so it doesn't roll around...then use as mail sorter...


3.)EARRING HOLDER: gluing beads here/there to separate pr. of earrings, bracelets, etc...

4.) PENCIL/PEN/UTENSIL HOLDER (OR SHISHKABOB SERVER)...create a base out of favorite medium (polymer clay=easiest), firmly press smaller end of coil into base, gently remove, harden this base; then glue coil to base where imprint was made.  Using decorative wire, beaded wires, metalic/foil mini garlands, (funky yarns?), tissue paper, etc to close large gaps of coil; or to just make them small enough so that whatever you're using the "vase" for does not fall out of the sides...**IF using them fo a shish-kabob holder, when making base, also poke divets into base material before hardening it so skewers/pens don't slip around and possibly fall out...

Mail a few my way and I'll show you what I mean...


joanjacobs wrote
on 8 Nov 2010 10:52 PM

I've been collecting rusty bedsprings for several years-- not single springs... entire bedsprings--queen, double, single.  Started collecting when friends were cleaning up after an old uncle who saved EVERYTHING!  The mattresses were burning in  the fire and I asked if I could have the springs.  I put vertical poles in the ground and a long pole across the top, and suspended the springs lengthwise. The configurations of springs are all different and I love the way they look covered with sweet peas or covered with snow in the winter.  I have another set of 5 in a row to put a backing on another garden with climbing roses, clematis, gourds(in summer), and my tall plants like dahlias and delphiniums.   I used 2 single bedsprings for the sides of an arch into the veg, garden with a frame of poles and an arch of branches.  I've been given old mattresses to strip, have found them on the roadside, and the thrift shop is happy to give them away rather than pay the garbage fee.  I don't burn them ,which of course is much easier, but not my way of doing things.   I use a sharp skill knife to cut off the fabric and stuffing, and sometimes leave some of the stuffing out and have found it in a few bird's nests.  I live on 6 rural acres, so have lots of room to do things.  Boxsprings also have interesting springs, plus a wood base which can be used for various projects... gates, door to my chicken run, as a large frame for artwork (I do recycled art).  I saw them used for a fence in Mexico,  and have thought I might try to make a play house with springs for sides and plant scarlet runner beans and sunflowers along the sides..  SO MUCH TO DO< SO LITTLE TIME.  JJ