Free art, NYC, and me. And you?

13 Dec 2011


Have you heard yet about our freeART show in NYC? Here is the original post about making a 6" x 6" collage, sending it in to us here at Cloth Paper Scissors headquarters, and being part of our NYC show.

We are getting an amazing response from our community members, members, and Facebook friends. There are just a few days left to get it in to us by our deadline. If you’re feeling brave, you can send it in as late as Friday and if it makes it in time, we’ll bring it along!

freeART1Of course, I wanted to join in the fun, so this is what I whipped up this morning before work! I used bits and pieces of old gelatin prints and background, collage leftovers and found papers to create these collages. It only took me about 20 minutes once I had my little pile in front of me. (I like to keep little bits like these in a special place in my studio.)

I don’t normally pull out my sewing machine for little collages like this but these two pieces on the right looked like they would benefit from a little stitch doodling. Simple, straight lines mixed with some of the “fancier” stitches on my machine, made a nice mix.

freeART2These pieces on the left are bits and pieces from some gelatin printing sessions I did before. What do you have in your studio or work space that you could turn into a little piece of art?

Remember to check in to facebook or follow us @CPSmagazine #freeART on twitter to find out the exact location and time! (Hint, be ready for the 26th or 27th. Probably near Time Square!)

Got a location suggestion! Send it our way and we’ll put it on our list!

Help spread the word to all your collage-lovin’ friends. Tweet, Facebook, and email the news!



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jclee wrote
on 13 Dec 2011 3:11 PM

I put my 5 in the mail today! Check out my blog to take a look...

So much fun!

Mia Bloom wrote
on 15 Dec 2011 12:42 AM

I sent out my 3 collages today and posted photos on my blogs. Here is a link to one of them:

I'm really excited about this event.

theannabell wrote
on 17 Dec 2011 9:48 AM

i live in NYC  a great city with so many mixed media artists.

i think you should have it downtown in Soho area,  a great location where many artists live and work..

near houston and west broadway or anywhere in the Soho area.

uptown near times square in my opinion is not the place for this...

will you be sending emails with exact address and time?  also will there be art for  sale??

on 29 Feb 2012 3:22 PM

I was so inspired by this idea I decided to organize a freeART project here in Austin. We'll be collecting art through April 11, 2012 and be handing it out on the streets of Austin on National Arts Advocacy Day on April 16. For all the details you can check my blog, Thanks for planting the seed!