photo friday–leafy green

2 Nov 2012

You make me feel like sketchin’, gonna sketch the night away. You make me feel like sketchin’. I feel like sketchin’—ooh, sketchin’—ooh. Sketch the night away . . .

photo friday - leafy greens

Goodness! My apologies. I got a little carried away there. I’m not sure what this cabbage posseses to make me feel like pulling out my art journal and art boards—but it does.

Perhaps it’s because I’m prepping for a 4 person show at my local town hall, and my part of the show is produce inspired. I think I’m trying to work up the courage to find the time to add one more piece in the show—and this gorgeous veggie maybe just the inspiration I need.

I’ve already started sketching and I’m thinking of using this as an image transfer on the base of my painting, and building up from there. It’s not a technique I’ve used before but just putting pen to paper is making me want to give it a try.

Do you ever find one art experience leading you to another? I’m sure you have. I’ve had it happen many times but for some reason, I always forget about the magic of spontaneity. I forget to make time to play aimlessly knowing that true discovery is just a marker, paintbrush, or doodle away. Well today I am reminding both you and myself that it’s time to play!

cabbage sketchIf you feel like working with some leafy greens this week, you won’t get any dietary iron in your system but you might just get in the zone anyway. And once you’re there, you may happen upon your own new artistic discovery. When you’re done creating, share with us by uploading a picture here! Happy Photo Friday!



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