Photo friday–fall saturated

9 Nov 2012

Is it time for a change? We just got our first bit of snow here as a storm blew through a week after super storm Sandy paid a visit. The other seasons seem to change so gradually but there is no denying that winter is approaching when you’re shoveling snow. Sandy managed to knock all the leaves off the trees in a matter of a few very windy hours, but I was lucky enough to snap this scenic picture just a few weeks prior.

Photo Friday - Fall Saturated

I wanted to save this shot until it got cold so that I could bask in the light of the golden foliage just one more time. You’ve probably already guessed that I played a bit with the saturation in this picture—I couldn’t help myself. Originally the water was an almost micaceous oxide, and seemed to ominous. Now with the color punched up, the picture feels the same way as the view felt as I walked across the bridge that went over this little brook.

Changing the saturation actually changed the entire color palette. Don’t you just love how a simple shift of colors can change the whole mood of a piece? Today I challenge you to either use this photo or to change your color palette in a collage, painting, or art journal page and then share it by uploading a picture here!

I can’t wait to see the colors on display!




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on 10 Nov 2012 12:31 PM

Pretty! Looks like something from LOTR. It isn't sacred to make a photo look "just like it really was," because you actually can't do that. It can't be done. I like your saying, that the picture now looks like the scene FELT to you. Maybe that's truer than a more realistic palette.