photo friday–nature’s rainbow

23 Nov 2012

What colors do you usually paint with? Do you create with the same colors you wear? Is your home decorated in the same color as you wear and paint with? What if you introduced more colors? What would happen if you worked with 5 colors instead of 3, or 7 instead of 5?

photo friday Natures rainbow

I adore all of the colors in this photo. I like that nature is capable of providing it’s own brilliant color palette and that the colors inevitable work with each other. The pumpkin is orange and the carrots are orange but in two, totally different hues. The egg plants come in violet and almost black while the beets show off their great magenta stems and veiny spring green leaves. Check out the dull olive green of the broccoli in stark contrast to the Kelly-green pepper.

Can you be inspired to use this nature-inspired color palette to create a mixed-media showpiece in honor of Thanksgiving? I challenge you to pull out your paints, markers, pastels and papers and create something using this rainbow of colors and then share it with us by uploading a picture here!

Happy Photo Friday!



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leovinci wrote
on 2 Dec 2013 7:58 PM

I like this idea very much.

It´s another way to see nature and colors and to work with it.

And - after doing ART - I can eat in reality fresh healthy fruits and vegetables (hope so).

do not forget our mother earth


Gisa Schall