meet me at the Mixed-Media Mash-up

7 Dec 2012

Tonia Jenny
Ricë Freeman-Zachery
Join Tonia Jenny (longtime acquisitions editor for North Light Books), Ricë Freeman-Zachery (artist/editor/writer/blogger extraordinaire), and I for some insight into our favorite books, trends, art supplies, projects, and more right from the comfort of you home/office/studio!

Join us for this fun “insider-look” webinar at 1:00 on 12/12/12!

Simply go here to sign up for the free webinar!

Oh, don’t forget, you get to participate, too! Email any questions to (put WEBINAR QUESTION in the subject). You can also post your question at the Create Mixed Media Facebook page here or send it via Twitter @cMixedMedia.  Can’t think of any good questions right now? You can still ask questions during the webinar!

I personally can’t wait to take a moment out of my busy work day to sit back, relax, and chat it up with some fellow mixed-media fanatics.

If you just can’t make it but would love to listen in, go ahead and register—after the webinar, all registered participants will be emailed a link to the webinar (and usually a deal or two!) Then when you’re busy baking cookies or wrapping holiday presents, you can listen to the mash up!

So, if you’re looking for a little creativity and cheer to break up your week, join us!

See you there!


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