Photo friday—fur trimmed visions

7 Dec 2012

I don’t skate . . . anymore. My ankles don’t like it when I do. Also, my knees complain. But that doesn’t make me want these ice skates any less.

Photo Friday Skates for Mixed MediaI found these lovely skates at an antique market and immediately fell in love with them. The slightly higher shape, wooden heel, and fur trim sings to my “White Christmas” loving soul. It conjures up thoughts of big white fluffy flakes and steaming cups of hot cocoa.

These fur-rimmed babies are lovely just the way they are, but au naturale is not the only way I like my ice skates. Take a look at these collaged skates I created for our first Cloth Paper Scissors GIFTS issue (available for download here.)

imageThe plain white skates I used for this project screamed out for some collage decoration. I used old book pages in varying degrees of color aging.

imageIf you want to alter an old pair of skates in a slightly different manner, I suggest you check out this video alert I taped for this GIFTS article. Playing with inks and bubble wrap, made altering the leather surface of the skates easy as pie.

Does this photo (or video?) inspire you to sketch, journal, paint, collage, or just to go skating? Share any ice skate art you make by uploading a picture here!

Happy Photo Friday!



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lonemama1 wrote
on 8 Dec 2012 12:51 PM

what a wonderful find.  the picture warms my heart and rushes memories of skating on the pond in the public park when I was a kid.  Sweetest in the evening when the sun was fading and things were getting quiet.  thanks for posting.