Celebrate 12-12-12 with a 12 minute project!

12 Dec 2012

Heart tutorial FinishedWhile I was working on a new cover project in my studio, I ended up with a bunch of paper hearts that were leftovers from the project. Not being one to pass up an opportunity to use up my scraps, I worked up this quick little ornament that could also do double duty as a gift embellishment for the holiday.

If you’re feeling crafty today, I encourage you to look around your workspace for little bits you might be able to repurpose. I know our lists are so full of long tasks to do during the holidays, but this little gem can be done in about 12 minutes. So treat yourself to a project that you can start and finish in one sitting, and experience the joy of accomplishment.

I used found text for the hearts but you could also use:

  • Old magazine pages
  • Leftover collage papers
  • Decorative papers
  • Used holiday cards
  • Fabric (with fabric adhesive)

I used a heart shape but really any symmetrical shape will work well.

  • Evergreen tree
  • Circle
  • Diamond
  • House

Here are the basic directions, feel free alter them to fit your supplies!

1. Cut out 5 of the same (symmetrical) shapes, and 5 smaller versions of the same shape.

Heart tutorial 1

2. Cut a length of embroidery floss and separate into 2 lengths of 3 strands each.

Heart tutorial 2

3. Use a variety of stitches to sew the small and large shapes together. I used cross stitches, running stitches, back stitches, and French knots.

heart tutorial 3

4. Use old buttons, crystals, or other found objects to create a “tassel.” I used an old chandelier crystal and a small wire-shanked coat button. Use wire to attach and create a loop with round-nose pliers if necessary.

Heart tutorial 4

5. Connect the back right side of one shape to the back left side of another shape with adhesive. Continue attaching all 5 shapes together in this way making sure to not adhere the first and last shape together yet.

heart tutorial 5

6. Continue attaching all 5 shapes together in this way making sure to not adhere the first and last shape together yet. It should look like the picture below.

Heart tutorial 6

7. Cut a length of the embroidery floss (all 6 strands) and create a loop through the top of the tassel and tie the ends together in a square knot. Make an overhand knot in the top of the loop to create a hanger. I used a piece of sari ribbon to tie a decorative bow at the top of the tassel, too.

heart tutorial 7

8. Insert the loop into the open part of the shape and work it down the center of the shapes. Close the shape by gluing the first and last shape together catching the loop in the very middle.

heart tutorial 8

I would love to see what you all create using this very simple technique. Send photos to me at jmason@interweave.com. And make sure to check out the 12-12-12 sale, too.



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kitties wrote
on 15 Dec 2012 11:52 PM

What a wonderful holiday lapel pin this would make.......I love it, it's simply wonderful....

on 20 Dec 2012 12:08 PM

If you didn’t see my blog on 12-12-12 to make this little ornament in 12 minutes, take a look here .