12 or more minutes of art and a lot of love…

20 Dec 2012

Heart tutorial FinishedIf you didn’t see my blog on 12-12-12 to make this little ornament in 12 minutes, take a look here.

This morning I received a lovely letter from a reader that I just had to share with you all (with his permission!)

Xmas ornament - small picHello Jenn.

I just wanted to say "Thanks" to you and the Cloth Paper Scissors gang.

My partner and I moved to Mexico a year and a half ago from Florida. Like many people the economic downturn left us high and dry, so we lost our house and income.  When I moved my stuff here at the beginning of this year as a permanent home, it was tough leaving not only my friends and fellow artists behind, but much of my art supplies and tools.  I had just joined an enthusiastic Surface Design Guild in Sarasota and said farewell there also.  I was in a slump for a while.

While pulling my life into its next passage I re-discovered CPS a couple months ago, and I am again being creative and finding my head flooded with ideas.  I'm also finding new art friends here to make up for the ones left behind and CPS has been an aid in that as well.

Xmas ornament - small pic - detailIn appreciation I wanted to show you the project that came out of your simple 12-minute idea.  I kind of went overboard.  The overall size is 16 by 6 1/2 inches.  But it’s made the same as your simple heart ones with some embellishments. 

Am hoping Santa brings me a subscription this Tuesday!

Philip Louis Phillips

Thank you Philip for sharing your art. I’m thinking it probably took more than 12 minutes to create this little gem but it is absolutely beautiful—and worth it.

Chased Earrings Final_160Today this CreateMixedMedia.com email came through my inbox and encouraged me to run home to make my own inspired creation. (I’ve already emailed my teen and tween to tell them we’re “making” tonight!) I suppose it’s just good art karma. Inspire and be inspired.

I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2013 with all of you community members, readers and contributors. I hope we will be able to continually serve as an inspiration to you all on your artistic journey.

Have a fantastic, safe, and artistic holiday!


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stresso wrote
on 21 Dec 2012 8:47 AM

So pretty!