photo friday–in French

18 Jan 2013

Today’s Photo Friday is really more of an image than a photo. I am always in search of ledgers. What makes someone’s receipt so appealing 100 years after it’s written? I’m sure the customer who made these purchases wasn’t all excited about getting a copy of the receipt to take home and use as the starting point for a collage. In fact, if she was anything like me, she didn’t want a reminder of how much she spent.

Photo Friday - in FrenchUnless I’m unsure of my purchase, I’m not a big receipt keeper, and since I never write checks, I don’t balance a check register either. Heck, my local Whole Foods even asks if you want a copy of your receipt or not!

But maybe the appeal isn’t in the transaction. Maybe it can be found in the capturing of a time—a date. Perhaps the lure of paper ephemera like this is the presence of the hand of the maker, the uneven script, the hastily written account.

I hope you’re not only inspired to go paper ephemera collecting but are also interested in using this image/photo in a new collage, journal page, or other artwork. If you do, share it with us by uploading a picture here!

Do you have a favorite type of found paper that you like to find? Tell us about it in the comment section!

Happy Photo Friday!



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sharon873 wrote
on 20 Jan 2013 11:52 AM

I like to look for old autograph books--they often not only have delightful quotes typical of the times but also beautiful handwriting.  they are getting harder to find I think because people tend to throw it out when cleaning out estates of family members--or hopefully keep it for their own treasured memories. simply stitched, sharon wasteney, missouri

SharonNewby wrote
on 20 Jan 2013 10:05 PM

Jen - I am such a "paper" hoarder.  Several years ago I bought many different sized old journals and ledgers. But now that I have them I feel the urge to keep them just as they are. They have a smell and a texture and remind me that when I was younger there was always time to enjoy the day and not feel so rushed. I have used a few pages and I love to print words out on them to make affirmation cards for my art therapy groups. I guess the world is not going to ever go back to that peaceful time. Secretly I wish I could visit there now and again.

on 22 Jan 2013 3:21 PM

I love finding old printed items.  Once while visiting family In Colorado we found old magazines from the early 1900's and a wage receipt from a gold mining company, that I still have!