photo friday–film noir

1 Feb 2013

Groundhog’s day is just around the corner (like tomorrow!), but I have no photos of groundhogs in my stash. What’s a girl to do? Improvise! I am NOT a big fan of the movie “Groundhog’s Day”. I find it frustrating. But I can see why the premise is appealing. SPOILER ALERT! (For those of you who have not seen the movie, the main character, played by Bill Murray, keeps waking up to his alarm to find that it is once again Groundhog’s day. Many shenanigans ensue, but he finally gets the day right and life goes on.) I find the concept a little film noir-ish. At least in the sort of black humor involved—not at all in the cinematography.

photo Friday - Film noir tracksI think I can work with a film-noir tie-in here! Check out this grainy photo of the dank underground subway station. Check out the overly bright lights trying to poke through the dreariness.

Ever have one of those days where you wish you could hop on a train and find that at the end of the line all of your troubles were gone (and wash was folded and put away)?

Maybe this is Trouble Station, maybe it represents your ticket outta here. Maybe it just becomes a awesome grainy image transfer—work with me here!

Wouldn’t it be an awesome overall texture for a handmade book cover? Make something with it and share it with us by uploading a picture here!

Happy Photo Friday!



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ctutt wrote
on 6 Feb 2013 11:37 AM

Next year try a picture of a marmot! They are smaller than a groundhog but have similar lifestyles…hibernate…eat… make baby marmots…eat...repeat…