Giving comes back

14 Feb 2013

This month I’m celebrating my #oneword “give”. I’m so glad to have you along for the journey. To read more about my #oneword adventure for 2013 click here. Check out the links at the bottom of this post to read more about other “giving” situations!

Sometimes when you give—you get back big time!

Yesterday’s Conversation Heart Make-Along Webinar was so fun.

Our two assistant editors (Barb Delaney and Tina Hussey) followed along from their offices, and hundreds of you joined us to share the mixed-media love.

I was especially touched by Carol’s Facebook post (and art below)…

image#IHEARTART Hi Jenn, your make-along yesterday was great! As a Valentine's treat, I invited my 81 year old mom to lunch and watch your webinar at my house. She loves to draw and paint but due to some issues with her neck is no longer able to enjoy these. So I have been looking for new techniques for her that don't require her to hold a brush. This assemblage was fun for her! And here is what we made together. Thanks for this fun opportunity. I hope you'll do more of these. ~Carol Clapp Hays

I hope those of you who attended will continue to post your #iheartart photos! And I encourage you all to give from your heART! The reward can be amazing.





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