Photo Friday–shovellandia

15 Feb 2013

This month I’m celebrating my #oneword “give”. I’m so glad to have you along for the journey. To read more about my #oneword adventure for 2013 click here. Check out the links at the bottom of this post to read more about other “giving” situations!

Today I’m going to “give” permission (although you don’t actually need it), to upload one of your own fantastic photos to our gallery here.

photofriday shovellandiaI really couldn’t avoid putting up a photo from our big blizzard last weekend for this week’s Photo Friday. This shot is the pile of growing snow outside of our house the next morning. Funny that we have 7 shovels and only 4 people! I just love this photo in black and white with the center focus, and I know so many of you have mad photography skills. We’d love to have you share your photo to our Photo Friday Gallery.

In the spirit of sharing inspiration, I ask that you share an inspiration photo and in the description please write OK TO USE IN ART. As always, our readers are welcome to use my posted photos in their own art. But we ask that you not use another person’s photo from this Gallery unless it’s posted “OK TO USE IN ART.”

I look forward to seeing the lovely images our readers send us and may even pick a few favorites to share with everyone next week.

Remember, you can always create art inspired by this photo, OR share your own photo this week uploading a it here and remember to mark it OK TO USE IN ART.

Have a great President’s weekend for our state-side members and Happy Photo Friday!





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ctutt wrote
on 23 Feb 2013 12:30 PM

"…uploading it a here…"  Gee Jenn, I didn't realize you were Italian! lol  

So yeah, I'm-a uploada da picture, kapische?  ;-)   <3