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Dare yourself to explore over 14 projects, stories of experimentation, and sparks of inspiration in this issue of PAGES magazine. 

Learn how to bind your books with a long-stitch variation with Krista Takacs, or master the historical Dos-à-Dos binding with Indira Govindan. Discover how to make a miniature zine with Rachelle Panagarry and create an artful home for your art journal with Carol Sloan. Never fear a blank journal page with Jacqueline Newbold’s ideas for using black gesso or Andrea Shedletsky’s cut-away art journal techniques. Explore new techniques for your bookmaking and art journaling with these eye-catching mixed-media projects.



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  • Pages, Volume 4

    Pages is packed with art journaling and bookbinding projects to get your creative gears turning. Henna tattoo your journals, bind a star book, use washi tape for mini art journals, and even create a paper cut book that feels like peering into a cell. Between the exceptional bookbinding instructions and captivating art journaling, even the novice book and paper fan will be running to the workbench.


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  • Pages, Volume 3

    Pages, Volume 3, is full of the fun and inspiring bookmaking and journaling ideas you have some to expect and appreciate.

    You'll find an amazing selection of unique materials for making books and journals, including copper pipe, driftwood, and beverage coaster, as well as a variety of techniques. Boiled Books, Stitched Accordions, Etched Metal Covers, and The Booklace are just a few of the many new projects you'll discover and enjoy.


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  • Pages, Volume 2

    Explore new techniques and inspiring projects in general bookmaking, book covers, binding, inside pages, and art journaling.


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  • Pages Premiere Issue

    Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES is a special publication created especially for art journalers and book artists looking for new techniques and inspiring ideas. This 148-page first special issue features projects and galleries in general bookmaking, book covers, book binding, inside page decoration, and art journaling. Learn to bind the unbendable, make an acrylic book, use graffiti-style lettering, find sketching inspiration,and much more.

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