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Three-Dimensional Art Sculpture 3D Mixed-Media Sculpture

Take your mixed media to the next level! The world of 3D sculpture is just waiting to be explored. This collection has a good range of ideas to get you inspired including, a fibery tree, paper mache design, paper clay sculptures, and even a wire and clay technique. Discover all this and more fun in this free eBook.

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Starting and Promoting Art Business Free eBook Art Business

Have you ever thought about turning your creative outlet for crafting into a money-making art business? The reality is that anyone who has a passion can start a small art business today; but often times the trick is to sustain the business while still being able to enjoy the creative side. Learn all about starting and promoting your own business, get tips on Etsy and blogging, and discover if an open studios event is for you, all with this free eBook.

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Free Art Dolls and Stuffies eBook Art Dolls and Stuffies

Mixed media art dolls seem to be popping up everywhere. This free eBook offers a collection of stuffies, softies, and art dolls that will not only peak your interest, but will also stir your imagination and creativity. You'll learn exciting new trends in doll making, from creating fancy blackbirds using felt and fibers, to designing steampunk dolls with old watch parts, trinkets, and found objects. In this outstanding collection of art doll projects, patterns, and instructions, you will be making art dolls like an expert in no time. Simply download your FREE eBook, grab your supplies, and get started today!

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Free Art Journal Techniques eBook! Art Journal Techniques

It's time for you to join in on one of the hottest trends in mixed media - ART JOURNALING! Whether you want to create on the go, take a trip into visual journaling, or simply record memories and events, art journaling is a great way for artists to express individuality and creativity. Explore techniques for painting inspiring backgrounds, creating simple collages, and expanding your doodling and writing skills. Whatever form your art journaling takes, we know you'll have fun discovering the techniques presented in this free eBook. Download the entire collection of art journaling techniques today!

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4 Free Assemblage Art Ideas plus Beginners Guide to Assemblages Art Studio Organization

Art studios are truly where magic happens! It's where we stitch, cut, glue, paint, mold, and express our creativity through the unique process of making art. The tips and ideas presented in this eBook will show you how getting your beads, bobbins, and bric-a-brac organized doesn't have to be a monumental task. With advice from the experts at Cloth Paper Scissors, you can make a functional and attractive studio anywhere. This free guide to organization and art studio ideas is all about getting your work space, tools, supplies, storage and inspiration working with you. Download this free eBook and start getting your craft studio organized!

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4 Free Assemblage Art Ideas plus Beginners Guide to Assemblages

Assemblage Art Ideas

Do you have a collection of trinkets, knick knacks, and assorted pieces of this and that just waiting to be assembled into something wonderful? Assemblage art is a way of taking items that may seem meaningless to others, and combining them into a unique and personal story using mixed-media art. Your stash of baubles, beads, and vintage ephemera takes on a whole new meaning when used with tin containers, cigar boxes, and wood scraps. If you have a story to tell, or just feel like being creative, then you'll be inspired by the tips, ideas, and art assemblage projects contained in this free eBook. Download today and get your mixed-media story started!

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Making Art to Wear: 5 Free Mixed-Media Designs for Wearable Art Clothing


What does your style say about you? Does it tell people about the art you create? Do you want it to? If so, then step this way. Mixed media art can create more than just pieces for your wall: your body is the perfect place to hang your best work. This tutorial will teach you to upcycle clothing, make fabric accessories, and more.

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Learn How to Make a Collage: 4 Free Mixed Media Collage Techniques


From paper and paint, to fabric, stitching, and found objects, you can create a collage with just about anything. The possibilities are endless! The experts at Cloth Paper Scissors have hand-picked four mixed media collage artists to share their secrets and techniques for creating unique works of collage art. In this free eBook you will get tips on a variety of techniques for designing fun and interesting mixed media collages using fabric, paint, stitchery, found objects, handmade paper, and more. Enjoy the freedom of this unstructured art form and download this free eBook today!

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4 Free Digital Art Tutorials: Creating Digital Artwork for Photo Collage

Digital Art

Creating 'pixel perfect' digital mixed-media photography can be easier than you think! We've come a long way since the days of having to wait to see our photos developed from a roll of film. The technology for producing and altering photos is now available in our own homes. Making photo collages and digital art is more accessible and easier than ever before for mixed media artists. This free eBook has something for everyone - from a basic tutorial on altering photos to turning your works of digital art into beautiful photo collages. Download our four digital art tutorials today to see which technique will work best for you!

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6 Quick and Easy Gifts to Make: Free Homemade Gift Ideas

Easy Gift Ideas

Are you a busy crafter who is always on the lookout for quick and easy gifts ideas? Then these 6 free gift ideas from Cloth Paper Scissors are sure to inspire you. Gather your fabric scraps, art journaling pens, embellishments, papers, and trims to get started on these popular and easy homemade gift items right away. From fabric cards to mixed-media rings, to gift jars, there's something for everybody in this delightful collection of easy gift ideas. Download all six handmade gift ideas and tutorials to get started today!

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Embossing for Mixed Media: How to Emboss using fiber, paper, and embossing powders


Embossing is a great way to add texture and dimension to mixed-media art. This free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors is dedicated entirely to answering all of your questions about how to emboss. From what embossing tools to keep handy and how to use a heat gun, to tips on how to emboss metal, fiber and paper, you'll find all the information you need to get started. So what are you waiting for? Download your FREE embossing techniques eBook today!

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Exploring Encaustics and Encaustic Art: 4 Free Articles Demonstrating Encaustic Collage and Encaustic Painting Techniques


Also known as hot wax painting, encaustic painting uses heated beeswax, colors, and heated tools to produce mixed-media paintings, collages, book structures, and much more! This fascinating and versatile art activity can be a hobby, a craft, a leisure activity, or fine art - it's up to you! So if you are ready to expand your encaustic art toolbox and explore the possibilities of using encaustic art, then download this free eBook to get started on one of the four fascinating encaustic techniques presented by our experts at Cloth Paper Scissors!

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4 Freestyle Mixed-Media Stitch Projects: Make Fabric Art with Applique, Heat Transfer, Fabric Collage, and More

Fabric Art

Ready for your next fabulous fabric art adventure? This free eBook shares four fun and exciting fabric art projects to introduce you to just a few of the possibilities that fabric and stitch have to offer. You'll discover that fiber art projects offer endless opportunities to play with different materials, patterns, appliqué designs, and stitchery techniques. Our experts at Cloth Paper Scissors have hand-picked these easy sewing projects to show you how to use mixed-media techniques such as raw-edge appliqué, surface design, heat transfer images, and incorporating found objects to help take your projects to a whole new level - and most importantly, without a lot of rules! Don't wait... Download your free eBook today.

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4 Free Paper and Fabric Painting Ideas Fabric Painting

Fabric painting is a fun and incredibly accessible form of art for any artist. This free eBook is all about exploring mixed-media painting techniques that you can use over and over. Start by learning how to develop and build layers in art, then it's all about painting canvas using watercolors then creating an easy colorful tote using the fabric. Next, explore combining delicate papers to make layers, then photo, paint and stitch collage designs. This is one eBook you don't want to be without!

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Learn How to Felt: 4 Free Projects Using Needle Felting and Wet Felting Techniques

Felting Techniques

Why wait? Learn all four ways to create felt fabric from our experts at Cloth Paper Scissors! You'll find that felting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add texture and dimension to your work. And although felting has been around for thousands of years, today's mixed-media artists are experiencing a resurgence of felting techniques. Whether you are using wet felting or needle felting, hand felting or machine felting, the step-by-step projects contained in this eBook will help you expand your felting skills while sparking your creativity. Don't miss your opportunity to learn all four felting techniques. Get started today!

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4 Free Articles on Handmade Books: Learn How to Make a Book Using Mixed-Media Techniques

Handmade Books

Handmade books are becoming more and more popular. They make wonderful gifts and are fun to trade and share with other mixed media artists. If you can dream it up, it can be turned into handcrafted book pages. With a little guidance from the experts at Cloth Paper Scissors you will be on your way to creating unique handmade books in no time at all! You'll learn basic book making skills along with tips, tricks, and techniques for art journaling, background creation, collage assembly, creative stitching, and more! Download your free eBook today and let your handmade books tell your story!

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How to Make an Image Transfer to Fabric, Paper, and Other Photo Transfer Techniques

Image Transfers

Got images? Why wait? It's easy to do your own image transfers when you have proven tips and tricks from four experienced artists on 20 different photo transfer techniques. Our hand-selected mixed-media artists at Cloth Paper Scissors are ready to help you decode a variety of tried-and-true image transfer techniques. You'll get pages and pages of expert instruction and helpful tips in this free eBook. Grab your photos, fabric, paper, and imagination, and head to the studio to start exploring these photo transfer techniques!

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Making Mixed-Media Jewelry

Mixed-Media Jewelry

What better way to express yourself than wearing your own handmade jewelry? This free eBook will help you show off your artistic flair and personal expression through wearable mixed-media art. Whether you prefer steampunk, found objects, mini collage, or a crafty chic approach to your wearable creations, this collection of designs is sure to be just the beginning. You will be inspired by Kristal Wick's muslin pendant remix and intrigued by Teresa Stanton's wearable art cuff. Download this amazing collection and get started creating your own mixed-media jewelry and art today!

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Letter and Mark Making in Art: 4 Free hand lettering techniques for Mixed Media

Mark Making

Make your mark on your art! Lettering and mark making are two of the many ways to embellish your mixed media projects. With this collection of free tutorials from Cloth Paper Scissors, you'll discover 4 creative mark making ideas that will have you doodling, drawing, and marking in no time. From the supplies and materials you need, to prompts and techniques, you'll be inspired from the moment you pick up this FREE eBook. Download this exciting collection of thought-provoking mark making techniques and tutorials today!!

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5 Mixed Media Art Techniques

Mixed-Media Art Techniques

Discover the endless possibilities that come with mixed-media art. This eBook is full of amazing mixed-media techniques that are sure to inspire the contemporary artist in you. Whether you are a veteran at mixed-media art, or simply want to learn new collage backgrounds and art ideas, this free collection of mixed-media tutorials is one you'll turn to again and again. Get started on your exciting mixed-media adventure by downloading this FREE eBook today!

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Mixed Media Copyright 101 Mixed-Media Copyright 101

Cloth Paper Scissors and the staff at Interweave have released a free eBook Know Your Rights: Copyright 101 for Mixed Media Artists to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding copyright and give credit to the talented writers, designers, artists, photographers, and innovators who work with us to share their products and ideas with our readers. This guide to the basics of copyright is for anyone and everyone: designers and makers, crafters, retailers, library staff, educators, and more.

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4 Free Paper Art Techniques: Explore Designs using Paper Collage, Paper Mache, Handmade Paper, and Paper Quilting Paper Art

Ready to explore a new realm of paper art and collage? Here at Cloth Paper Scissors, we love to use paper in our projects. To celebrate its many functions, we are offering four creative projects for you to download. If you love the versatility of working with paper, you'll be inspired by the "Graffiti Paper Quilts" street art pattern by Catherine Nicholls or the "Step into a Story" paper mache technique by Gail Walker. Get ready to explore paper mache (papier-mâché), stitching on paper, paper graffiti art, and a few other exciting handmade paper crafts in this FREE eBook. Download the entire collection and get started today!

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5 Free Articles Exploring How to Screen Print, Monoprint, and More Monoprinting and Screen Printing

Dive into the world of printmaking, without ever needing a press. In this free eBook we'll show you five techniques using monoprinting or screen printing to create prints. We begin by embracing the blues of cyanotype printing (also known as sun printing), then we'll invite a little bit of nature in with a demonstration of leaf and flower prints. Next, a home screen printing tutorial that shows you how easy it really is, then the fun process of gelatin printmaking. We end with a lesson on collagraph prints that combine collage and printmaking with exciting results. Learn about them all with this free eBook!

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4 Free Printmaking Projects: Block Printing, Monoprinting, and Other Printmaking Techniques

Printmaking Techniques

Printmaking can serve as a focal piece of art, or it can become a decorative background to enhance another piece of art. Using your own creative expression, you can explore the printmaking techniques presented in this eBook from block printing, rolling stamps, random mark marking, brayers, and using string to create and enhance beautiful one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The four projects and techniques presented by our experts at Cloth Paper Scissors will not only inspire you, but also improve your printmaking skills. Download this free eBook today and learn how to use recycled items and a variety of techniques to express yourself through printmaking!

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Free Guide to Block, Relief and Lino Printing Techniques Relief and Block Printing

Carving blocks for printing is one of the oldest methods of printing, and it's quickly becoming one of the hottest modern printmaking techniques. This free eBook will help you learn how to create a relief print using all sorts of materials. From printmaking in 3-D to stamp printing using a reduction method, and even carving stamps from photos, this collection has a little bit of everything to get you inspired.

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How to Make a Stamp Stamping Techniques

Expressing your creativity is easier than ever before with the help of handmade art stamps. When you make your own stamps, you add an element of your personality that cannot be replicated with commercial kits. With this free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors you'll learn all about art stamps, foam stamps, roller stamps, stamp carving, and get useful tips for stamping on fabric, paper, and other mixed-media surfaces. Armed with the techniques presented in these informative articles, you'll be ready to create your own one-of-a-kind masterpieces. If you are ready to learn how to make stamps and discover new stamping ideas, then this eBook is for you!

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Stencil Art Making: 3 Free Stenciling Tutorials + How to Make Stencils Stenciling

You'll be surprised at the variety there is to be found in the art of stenciling. This tutorial contains three free workshops to demonstrate how to make and use stencils for art. But you can use them for more than just artwork: you'll be well on your way to creating custom clothing, gifts and more with these tips.

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Upcycling Art: 4 free tutorials for upcycling ideas and creating recycled art Upcycling

Using familiar items in unexpected ways is a huge part of mixed media. Are you an artist who has an overflowing stash of found objects, bits and pieces, and scraps that you've been saving for using in future creations? This free eBook contains 4 free tutorials that will help you start whittling down that stash while creating fun and whimsical upcycled crafts. From a way to upcycle garments to whimsical recycled art ideas, this eBook has a little bit of everything to get your imagination going. Download all four upcycled ideas and tutorials to get started today!

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