4 Free Digital Art Tutorials: Creating Digital Artwork With Transfers, Collage, and More

Not too long ago we waited to see how photos came out when the roll was finished and sent away to be developed. And, if you wanted to duplicate or manipulate images or other artwork for photo collage, you had to find a copy center and pay per page. Now, technology for altering photos is available in our own homes and studios, making photo collage more accessible and easier than ever for mixed media artists.

The craft focuses on a range of techniques that use technology as an essential part of the creative process. Using digital media to design digital artwork can seem daunting, but with simple instructions it is a lot easier than you think. Learn how to get started with the help of four Cloth Paper Scissors experts and get their personal tips on the best ways to expand your digital photo art repertoire.

Whether you are just starting out creating digital artwork or have developed your own style of digital mixed media, this free eBook has something for you. From a basic tutorial on altering photos, to turning your craft into a photo collage, our experts provide all the guidance you need to enhance your designs. Take your photo/collage art to new creative heights with the tools and digital art tutorials in this FREE eBook!


Download four free digital art tutorials.

Learn a variety of digital artwork techniques to create projects and images like these.
What’s inside?

From project ideas to specific techniques, it’s all here in this free download.

Fun with Digital Collage: Pixel Perfect by Marie Otero

Article 1:

Fun with Digital Collage: Pixel Perfect by Marie Otero

Creating ‘pixel perfect’ digital mixed media photography can be easier than you think! Marie Otero introduces an easy way to create a digital collage by taking a real photo collage, scanning it, and adding images and text. She provides simple techniques for altering photos and for adding interest to your scanned collage. Even if you have hesitated before to include digital art images in your mixed media, Marie’s simple yet inspiring instructions are the perfect place to start!

Digital Photo Art: Digital Transfer Magic by Patti Brady

Article 2:

Digital Transfer Magic by Patti Brady

Patti Brady is known for her expert acrylic painting techniques, and so it’s no surprise that she creates digital mixed-media art. In this article, she explains how to create transparent skins using both laser-printing and inkjet-printer methods.

Digital Photo Collage: Vacations Remembered by Crystal Neubauer

Article 3:

Vacations Remembered by Crystal Neubauer

In this free article, Crystal Neubauer will give you inspiration and instruction for using digital collage to preserve family stories as you turn photographs into paintings.

Mixed Media Photography: Art-ography, Enhance Your Work with Digital Art by Chrysti Hydeck

Article 4:

Art-ography: Enhance Your Work by Chrysti Hydeck

Start your foray into digital collage and mixed media photography with this easy to follow, detailed article. Create your own ‘dream world’ by following this process step by step, or by choosing select steps and effects to fit your digital art design needs. Chrysti also offers simple ways for all artists to add digital media design into everyday life. Each technique helps create a solid foundation for digital photo art, and is a jumping off point for you to begin playing and experimenting with the endless opportunity of digital art techniques.

This tutorial is packed fulled of exciting tips and inspiration.

Plus, along with these articles on how to sell your art, online blogging tips, and ideas for promoting your business, you’ll tap into an entire community of thriving and creative artists just like you. And, with this free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you’ll discover a support network of thousands of mixed-media artists to help you along your journey.


Combine photos with digital techniques to create digital art prints like this one.