Free DIY Home Decor Projects for Mixed-Media Artists

There’s something satisfying about DIY projects, especially when the results make your home more comfortable, more inviting, more you. And being a mixed-media artist, why wouldn’t you want to let your creativity flow from the art projects you usually do into some serious—and not-so-serious—DIY home décor? You can do just about anything with your talent and creativity!

In DIY Home-Décor Projects for Mixed-Media Artists: Cheap Decorating Ideas, we’ve gathered three articles on DIY home décor from your trusted mixed media magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors.


Download these free DIY home decor tutorials guide to put your mixed media talent to work!

Learn how to do collage art for home decor in this tutorial!
What’s inside?

If you’re looking for creative, affordable ways to decorate your home, you’ve come to the right place! We have DIY decorating projects that include custom fabric throw pillows, colorful and practical chairs, and charming picture frames. You’ll be able to make some of these projects from the start, coming up with your own final designs in mind. Need a shortcut? Then take existing decorative items and add your mixed-media touch to truly make it your own.

You have to see these mixed media painted chair ideas!

Mixed Media Furniture Tutorial

In the first article, Allison Berringer explains her process for creating chairs that are almost too cute to sit on. She uses stamps, stencils, acrylics, and more to add creative designs to chairs, taking them from plain to pow! Fortunately for us, Allison says she already went through “many long hours of trial and error, perseverance, frustration, and pleasure” to be able to find what works best when creating these artistic chairs to add to both office and home décor. It’ll leave you “Feeling Chair-itable.”

Looking for creative ways to paint picture frames? This free guide includes tutorials for painting photo frames and making collages with them!

Painted Picture Frames: An Upcycling Tutorial

Next, you’ll discover “Cheap & Chic Mixed Media Décor” ideas with Linda Blinn. Learn how she gathers inspiration from unlikely places and makes use of the mantra “reuse, reduce, recycle.” Linda provides tutorials on how to make framed collage wall art, drapery panels, and decorative pillows.

How to make a pillow: Tutorial download for free!

How to Make a Pillow from Paper and Cloth

Speaking of DIY home-décor pillows, you’ll love the “Market Fresh Veggies from Paper and Cloth” by Kelli Nina Perkins. She includes directions on how to make the base material, use color and embellishments, create a vegetable design, and stitch your pillow. (Kelli’s color tip: Try filling a small spray bottle with a slightly different shade of ink and spritzing it in a few areas to create a mottled look.)

This tutorial is packed fulled of exciting tips and inspiration.

Plus, along with these articles on how to sell your art, online blogging tips, and ideas for promoting your business, you’ll tap into an entire community of thriving and creative artists just like you. And, with this free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you’ll discover a support network of thousands of mixed-media artists to help you along your journey.


Download these free DIY home decor tutorials guide to put your mixed media talent to work!