DIY Picture Framing: How to Hang Pictures and Make Your Own Frames

There’s something satisfying about DIY projects, especially when the results make your home more comfortable, more inviting, more you. And being a mixed-media artist, why wouldn’t you want to let your creativity flow from the art projects you usually do into some serious—and not-so-serious—DIY home décor? You can do just about anything with your talent and creativity!

In DIY Home-Décor Projects for Mixed-Media Artists: Cheap Decorating Ideas, we’ve gathered three articles on DIY home décor from your trusted mixed media magazine, Cloth Paper Scissors.


Download this free guide to get to know how to make picture frames and then how to hang them on a wall!

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What’s inside?

This free ebook has two guides: one for DIY framing, and one to teach you how to hang pictures efficiently.

Looking for creative ways to hang pictures? You have to see this guide to getting it perfect every time!

In “A Look At…Hanging Your Art” from Cloth Paper Scissors, you’ll learn the basic tools to have on hand when you’re ready to hang pictures, and discover how to add wire, how to hang art, and how to hang multiple pieces together with professional results. Use this simple guide for hanging art that you’re ready to display!

Take advantage of the step-by-step lesson on DIY picture framing with a free article from The Artist’s Magazine. In “Do-It-Yourself Framing,” professional artist Keith Mealy walks you through the process to save you money and satisfy your DIY inclinations. “You rely on your framer as you entrust the fruits of your labor to a fellow craftsman—trusting that he will frame your work in a way that both protects the art and enhances its beauty,” Mealy says.

“Since the framer knows what he’s doing and does it well, why even attempt to learn how to frame work yourself? A simple reason: to save money. It may seem now that dropping your pictures off to the framer is an unavoidable necessity, but it’s an expensive one. What are you paying for exactly? Wood isn’t that costly; you’re paying for the framer’s knowledge and labor, certainly, but you’re also contributing to his shop’s overhead. While no one wants to put framers out of business, buying a few tools and learning a few skills can make you self-sufficient as an artist—ready, willing, and soon proficient enough to frame your works on your own.”

This tutorial is packed fulled of exciting tips and inspiration.

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Download this free guide to get to know how to make picture frames and then how to hang them on a wall!