Fabric Art

If you love the textures of fabric and fiber art, then look no further! Learn tips and techniques for making textile art, be inspired by fabric collage art, and more.

Technique Tuesdays: Fabric Art

Fabric art brings appealing qualities to mixed media: texture, dimension, shape, and form. It’s difficult not to touch a piece of textile art, as our hands want to explore all the interesting things our eyes see. Fabric is so accessible that it’s easy to put it front and center, or add it to mixed-media art, whether…


Studio Saturdays: Studio Storage

My workspace cycles through neat and messy phases pretty quickly, which means I’m always in need of studio storage. Mixed-media artists tend to be heavy on stuff, and that stuff needs a place to live, otherwise things tend to be in a constant state of chaos. Artful chaos, but chaos nonetheless. So today I’m going…

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Ideas for Adding Color to Your Mixed-Media Fabric Art

As mixed-media artists, we don’t always need to wash our fabric art creations, but it’s important to know which products to use that are washable or are specifically made for fabrics to ensure our success from the start. Of course, experimentation is always fun, too. We hope this information will help you to incorporate more imaginative fabric work into your next piece of art.

Studio Saturdays: Mixed media jewelry

Making mixed media jewelry is supremely satisfying on two levels: You can combine a number of your favorite techniques into one project, and you can wear what you’ve made. You can also design something perfectly suited to your and your wardrobe, and change it up at a moment’s notice. I used several of my favorite…

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The First Thing You Need for Fabric Art?

A couple of weeks ago I announced the release of Joanne Sharpe’s new book, The Art of Whimsical Stitching, and included a free excerpt with a fabric art lesson. I’m still so excited about the book and the response has been so wonderful that I’m bringing you more from this beloved artist! In today’s feature, you’ll learn…