Hi everyone! I'm Kat, a newbie (slightly nerdy) Mommy Artist Blogger starting to explore mixed media

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katcanpaint wrote
on 22 Feb 2013 9:07 AM

Hi everyone! I'm Kat and I can paint -- I went to art school for fine arts and illustration. I use acrylics on paper and canvas and I recently started exploring mixed media.
 I’m a full-time artist/ work at home mom to an awesome little boy.  I show in galleries, travel to art shows, and I have an online shop.  When I’m not painting portraits I swing between mixed media artsy pieces, fun nerdy pop culture fun stuff, and candy-coated whimsical children’s illustration.
Right now I am working on my blog, cleverly named Kat Can Paint! (www.katcanpaint.com)  I share a ton of tutorials and howtos on my blog, its becoming my mission to reach+teach people who think that they can't draw or paint how to do it.  I'm also getting started with homeschooling and I want to make fun, crafty, awesome homeschooling resources.

Whew, that was a lot! Feel free to connect! Being a stay at home mom and artist can feel really isolated.

Are you are a nerdy homeschooling mom, love mixed media art, portrait art, or just wanna chat about mom stuff and art stuff? I'd love to chat!

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