4 Free Tutorials for Softies, Stuffies, and Art Doll Making

Whether your crafts come in the form of softies, stuffies, or another unique handmade creation, it’s clear why they’ve been loved by so many artists over the years. The toys can be created in many forms, with many materials, and with all sorts of imaginative personality. The beauty of mixed-media doll making is that you can let your creativity soar to any level you desire. You can use patterns from various designers as a base or come up with your own art doll shape.

In this free eBook, you’ll discover four tutorials for creating softies, stuffies, steampunk dolls, and more. Start with Critter Stuffies, the perfect place to help you understand basic design and construction for stuffie and softie patterns. Next, discover Everyday Women, an art doll tutorial inspired by the shape, balance and movement of women. Fancy Scrap Crow Craft Dolls are easy to make using felt, fiber, and the free softie patterns included, and offer a creative canvas for adding your personality. Finally, dig out those watch parts, trinkets, and found objects to make your own steampunk art dolls. With this eBook in hand, you’ll have all the art doll patterns and technical information to make art dolls.


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What’s inside?

It seems that any artist who has even a passing interest in fabric or found objects, has the inspiration for softies & stuffies just waiting for the opportunity to come out. That’s exactly what this collection of free art and cloth doll patterns is here to do, get your creativity stirred. Inside, you’ll learn the foundations for making dolls, from materials to keep close at hand, to different styles you can make; and discover how four artists whipped up their own doll creations.

Stuffie Tutorial: Critter Stuffies

Project 1: Stuffie Tutorial

Critter Stuffies by Diana Trout

Stuffies are everywhere these days. From the very cute Japanese style to funny one-eyed monsters, stuffed critters are a delightful project for any age. In this softie tutorial, Diana shows how to take a blank canvas, and paint, cut, and stitch softie patterns using your imagination. To simplify the project or for those just starting out, she suggests using fabric already in your stash, then working your way to a completely custom stuffie creation.

Softie Tutorial: Everyday Women

Project 2: Softie Tutorial

Everyday Women by Nola Hart

Nola Hart finds much to be inspired by in women every day. Capturing the shape, balance, and movement of these women became her way to celebrate their form and beauty. In this art doll tutorial, she provides the outline for creating your own everyday dolls, even including a few free softie patterns to get you started.

Softie Tutorial: Fancy Scrap Crows

Project 3: Softie Tutorial

Fancy Scrap Crows by Kelli Nina Perkins

Fascinated by blackbirds from childhood, Kelli began dreaming up a way to make her very own crow dolls and someday a crow family. Pondering how to dress them, she decided that although they are always adorned in black, their colorful demeanor better fits a colorful fiber costume. In this tutorial, she offers her tips on making these feathered friends, plus a few softies patterns for you to try. Using felt, fiber scraps, and a simple pattern, you can make these easy crow craft dolls in no time, and after whipping up a few we know you’ll be amazed at how much personality you can give each crafty bird.

Steampunk Doll Tutorial: I Make My Own Friends

Project 4: Steampunk Doll Tutorial

I Make My Own Friends by Paula Nerhus

Always looking for new trends for making dolls, Paula was hooked as soon as she came across her first steampunk art dolls, sending her on a quest to give new life to old things. These dolls are a great example of the old crashing into the new, and are really a lot of fun. Paula demonstrates how to use clay, wire, and foil to build the form, then step by step how to add each element to complete the transformation.

This tutorial is packed fulled of exciting tips and inspiration.

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