Ideas for Storage, Design and Art Studio Organization

Our milieus are truly where the magic happens. It’s where we stitch, cut, glue, paint, mold, and express our creativity through the unique process of making art. Sometimes organizing these spaces can seem a far-reaching goal, and we make due instead of making it work. Here at Cloth Paper Scissors we want your craft studio to be expressive and functional, and are pleased to introduce this free eBook to get you inspired. All about art studio design, each featured mixed-media expert presents their very best tips for organizing, designing, and decorating your spaces.

If you’ve never met an organizer you didn’t like, then you’ll love our first article featuring easy to follow steps for creating fun and functional holders for art studio supplies. Next, join Ty Pennington, host of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," for an extreme studio makeover, complete with storage ideas and helpful advice. You’ll enjoy living with what you love with this next article, all about using materials, collections, art, and memorabilia to create wall collages and personal museums. Then, go from man cave to mom cave with advice from Elaine Griffin, nationally known interior designer and author of Design Rules. Finally, we’ll help you organize your studio once and for all, with the top 12 ways to get motivated to organize, from author and professional organizer Carolyn Woods.


Amazing inspiration for your art studio organization!

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What’s inside?

This eBook is jam packed with expert advice how to organize your home art studio (and any studio for that matter) and get inspired. Create containers for storing art studio supplies and fill blank walls with creative wall collages. From how to make a home studio that takes advantage of any available space, to home art studio design, and art and craft organization ideas, you’ll love every useful tip in this free eBook.

Studio Decorating Ideas: Living with What You Love

Project 1: Decorating Ideas

"Living with What You Love" by Linda Blinn

Artists are certainly passionate about their materials, collections, art and memorabilia. These items, displayed as wall collages, have the potential to give studios meaning, tell stories, and keep us inspired. In this article, Linda demonstrates techniques for wall art collage using what you already have. Learn how to personalize your environment by living with what you love and start claiming every inch of your walls as your own canvas.

Studio Decorating Ideas: Paintbrush Holder & Pincushion

Project 2: Decorating Ideas

"Paintbrush Holder & Pincushion" by Lynn Krawczyk

More often than not, art supplies are the first things to get disorderly. The first step to organizing your supplies for good is having convenient, labeled containers for storage. In this article, Lynn provides designs and unique craft organization ideas/containers to help you get started. These inexpensive, original storage alternatives are fun to make and use, and are receptive to not only the techniques outlined here but may other mixed-media techniques.

How to Make a Home Studio: From Man Cave to Mom Cave

Project 3: How to Make a Home Studio

"From Man Cave to Mom Cave" by Cate Coulacos Prato

As much as we would like it to be so, the whole house just cannot be a creative play area. Nationally known interior designer Elaine Griffin says, "Any place women are ‘on duty’ for responsibilities to the family or the workplace—such as the kitchen or home office—cannot be considered her own creative space." This helpful article will help you learn how to make a home studio, a space that you can truly call your own. To start, Elaine provides tips for art studio storage ideas, including the perfect accessories for your needs. Then gives four definitive steps to get you started along the road of creating a mom- or me-cave and making it your own.

Art Studio Organization: Organize Your Studio Once & For All

Project 4: Art Studio Organization

"Organize Your Studio Once & For All: An Interview with Author and Professional Organizer Carolyn Woods" by Lindsey Murray

In this article, we let author Carolyn Woods take your hand and lead you ‘out of the woods,’ so to speak, and into the world of organized studio design ideas. Her motivating message and specific information will give you hope. Along with this message, you’ll find Carolyn’s 12 ways to get motivated and start organizing, an incredible resource for any artist to use!

Art Studio Organization: Extreme Studio Makeover!

Project 5: Craft Studio Organization

"Extreme Studio Makeover: Ty Pennington Edition" by Cate Coulacos Prato

Having recently created a new studio for himself, Ty Pennington agreed to let us discuss his new space, and his creative process for setting up the craft studio. Sharing his thoughts on studio spaces in general, he walks us through his art studio design ideas and how he organizes his room. In this article you’ll discover valuable insights on studio decorating, ideas for small areas, and more!

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