Embossing for Mixed Media: How to Emboss Using Fiber, Paper, and Embossing Powders

Simply put, it is an easy way to add texture and dimension to mixed-media art using techniques such pressing, carving, burning, and heating. Embossing techniques create low relief and incredible interest with little effort. In this free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors, we introduce you to embossing basics and just a few of the many techniques available.

We begin with a look at how to emboss metal using embossing tools to press, mold, and carve for various texture outcomes. This technique is so accessible; any artist can pick up the supplies and start right away. Next, we step it up with lessons on heat embossing techniques, where you’ll learn about using a heat gun plus powder and ink to emboss metal. Then, take your metal odds and ends to a new level using yet another heat embossing technique. Finally, use a deeply etched embossing stamp, Angelina fibers, and your iron to create 3-dimensional shapes. When it comes to this craft, once you have an understanding of the basics, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are looking for more advanced techniques, or are just starting out, you are sure to find this collection helpful and informative.

If you’ve ever wondered, "What is embossing, and how can I use it?" then we’ve got a resource for you. This free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors is dedicated entirely to answering your questions about how to emboss. From what embossing tools to keep handy and how to use a heat gun, to tips on how to emboss metal, fiber and paper, we’ve got all the information you need to get started.


Learn about embossing for mixed media with this free eBook!

Get all four embossing techniques for fiber, metal and paper with this free eBook.

What’s inside?

Give your mixed-media art dimension by applying new fun and creative techniques. Just starting out? Get all the embossing basics you’re looking for, from using a heat gun to metal embossing tools and materials. Then, step up to the challenge by trying one or all four embossing techniques. Create a burned, lace effect on a chiffon scarf or crinkled, colorful shapes with ArtGlitter film with the "Using a Heat Gun to Make Your Art Sizzle" tutorial. Next, emboss hardware for use as a pendant, in collages, and even in small art quilts with "Painted & Embossed Hardware." Then, "Impress them with Angelina" by creating flowers and other 3-D shapes using embossing stamps, fiber and an iron. Finally, create your own name plates, journal covers and more by drawing, pressing and doodling into metal pieces with "Metal Embossing Basics." Whether you utilize heat or pressure to add unique texture to your art, the process provides an incredible opportunity for mixed-media artists to explore.

Using the Right Embossing Tool and Metal Embossing

Project 1: Using the Right Embossing Tool and Metal Embossing

"Metal Embossing Basics" by Cheryl Darrow


What’s great about embossing metal is how accessible the techniques are to artists of all levels. Even those who have never used metal embossing tools will discover how easy it is to emboss metal. In this workshop, artist Cheryl Darrow clearly explains and demonstrates metal embossing techniques. The variety of embossing tools available and how to use them for different texture options is also covered in detail.

Using an Embossing Heat Gun

Project 2: Using an Embossing Heat Gun

"Using a Heat Gun to Make Your Art Sizzle" by Patricia Bolton


This tutorial begins with a few safety tips for heat embossing. Remembering these simple steps will help you stay safe and give you outstanding results while using a heat gun. Patricia Bolton then guides you though an image embossing/stamp tutorial, including tips on ink and embossing powders to use. Next, take a quick lesson on heat embossing on metal, and another on adding patina to metal using embossing techniques. This lesson on using a heat gun ends with two burning techniques that you are going to love using in your mixed-media.

Project 3: How to Emboss Metal Hardware

Project 3: How to Emboss Metal Hardware

"Painted & Embossed Hardware" by Julaine Lofquist-Birch


Get ready to attack your junk drawer and hardware stash with this next technique! This ingenious process takes metal pieces like washers, brackets, and even mirror hangers, and transforms them into embossed beauties. The process starts by preparing your metal pieces, painting them and letting them try. After drying, each piece is pressed into an embossing stamp, then topped with embossing powders before adding heat. She also gives her helpful tricks for how to use a heat gun without ruining your pieces or work surface.

Free Project: Heat Embossing Fibers

Project 4: Heat Embossing Fibers

"Impress them with Angelina" by Jane Weir


This is truly a one-of-a-kind heat embossing technique that you are going to love. By pressing fibers into an embossing stamp, then heating them with an iron, you create textured pieces that can be combined to form all sorts of shapes. Stamping impressions into Angelina and turning them into flora and fauna can add warmth and excitement to almost any fiber and paper craft. These embossing instructions are intended to lead you through the mechanics of stamping with Angelina. Allow yourself the fun and freedom to twist and turn your way to the surprises Angelina has in store for you.

This tutorial is packed fulled of exciting tips and inspiration.

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Emboss fibers, metal, and other materials using these useful techniques.