Exploring Fiber Art: 4 Free Contemporary Fabric Art Projects

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Many artists have explored the use of fabric and stitch in mixed-media art, but often don't have the time or desire to create big quilts or complicated sewn pieces. Easy sewing projects plus favorite mixed-media techniques such as raw-edge appliqué designs, surface design, heat transfer images, fabric, paper, found objects—and most importantly, not a lot of rules—are often just what the doctor ordered.

As lovers of fabric, color, and pattern, creating fabric art is a natural extension of the mixed-media we have come to love. Here at Cloth Paper Scissors, we too love the use of fabric and stitch, so we gathered four articles to share the endless possibilities of creating textile art and fabric art, mixed-media style. Download your free eBook to get all four mixed-media stitch projects and start creating fabric art today!

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Mixed media artists often think outside of the box, sometimes with inspiration coming directly from the interesting materials and techniques themselves. In our new free eBook, we focus on this brilliant approach to creativity and feature four unique projects to show you just a few of the possibilities that fabric and stitch have to offer. This eBook, as I'm sure you'll find out, is just the beginning!

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Exploring Fiber Art: 4 Free Craft Projects

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Learn how to create ATCs and your own fun fiber art!

A Piece of Cake: Easy, Colorful Fabric Books by Debbie Crane

Project 1:

A Piece of Cake: Easy, Colorful Fabric Books by Debbi Crane

These fanciful handmade books are full of bright hues that are sure to delight. “I wanted to teach a project that would be easy and interesting for all levels, one that would incorporate fabric and had a color theme,” says Debbi, of her fabric book project. In this article she shares how a poem is a painless way to create text in a book if you think you can't write. Learn how to overcome word shortcomings to create your own poem fabric journal books with this great free article.

Fabric Collage Art: Fabric Mail Art by Wen Redmond

Project 2:

Fabric Collage Mail Art by Wen Redmond

This fabric collage process is a quick approach to composing a complete series of fun fabric based postcards. It's also an ingenious way to use up all of your scraps and leftovers from other projects. Try it, and enjoy spontaneous artistic flow while creating stacks of unique postcards. So take out all of your goodies, and let's get creative.

Fabric Embellishments: Fusing Fabric and Fibers for Fantastic Effects by Dianne Richards

Project 3:

Fusing Fabric and Fibers for Fantastic Effects by Dianne Richards

Silk and other fibers can be used to make your own unique fabrics for a variety of textile-based projects. This fabric can be used as inspiration for stunning textured collages, usable artwork such as bags, boxes, or book covers, or incorporated into bigger works of art like quilts or wall hangings. This great article covers fabric embellishments in many ways—using other fabrics, silk rods and cocoons, machine and hand embroidery, and beadwork. The possibilities are endless and as wide as your imagination.

Fiber Effects: Colorful needle-felted artist trading cards by Kelli Perkins

Project 4:

Fiber Effects: Colorful needle-felted artist trading cards by Kelli Perkins

Big, fluffy bundles of carded wool, lamb-soft tails of curling top, and silky strands of intense hue beckon spinners and knitters. Who can resist dye-batch names like “lollipop,” “hot peppers,” and “moon goddess”? If owning sheep is not your cup of tea, there is undoubtedly someone in your community who thrives on it. My semi-rural town is rich with family-owned operations producing a delicious artist's paint box of hand-dyed, unspun fibers. But what if you're not gifted with the tools to turn roving into yarn? You can still join in the fun by learning the inexpensive art of needle felting. Learn to create your own artist trading cards with this fun process.

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Combine fiber and fabric to create contemporary fiber art pieces like this one.

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Exploring Fiber Art: 4 Free Mixed Media Projects

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