Using Mixed-Media Supplies: Free Guide to Supplies for Mixed-Media Art

Oh, the joy of new art & craft supplies! Who doesn’t love to take in the colors and scents at the art supply stores? But so many new materials are on the market today, a trip to the art supply store for art journaling supplies or an online search for mixed-media collage supplies can be overwhelming.

In this eBook we give you the inside scoop on some of the most versatile mixed-media art supplies and show you how to use them.

You’ll learn alcohol ink techniques for painting, resists, and backgrounds; find out what is gel medium used for and how to use it and other materials for attachment; discover how to add texture with gel mediums, pastes, and other mixed-media supplies and tools; and learn watercolor pencil techniques and how to use sketching pencils with water.


Download this free guide to mixed-media supplies.

Discover watercolor pencils, how to use gel medium and tips on paints and pastes with this free guide.

What’s inside?

You’ve never experienced a resource with such a wealth of ideas and information when it comes to mixed-media art supplies. Each article features a detailed look at supplies, presenting the best of the best in fabric art, collage, art journaling supplies and much more.

Alcohol Ink Projects: Rethink Alcohol Ink Workshop

Alcohol Ink Ideas: Article #1

"The Workshop, Re-Think Alcohol Ink" by Cathy Taylor

In this article, Cathy answers the question “What is alcohol ink?” and then shows you how to paint your own alcohol ink projects with it using her many outside-the-box ideas.

How To Use Gel Medium and Pastes: A Look at Texture, Up Close with Pastes and Mediums

How to Use Gel Medium and Pastes: Article #2

"A Look At Texture, Getting Up Close with the Sense of Touch: Pastes and Mediums" by the Cloth Paper Scissors editors

Texture is an artist’s bread and butter. In this article the editors show you some of their favorite ways to spread it on with gels, mediums, pastes, paint, and texturizing tools.

Using Watercolor Pencils and Water-Soluble Supplies: A Look At Water-Soluble Art Supplies

Using Watercolor Pencils & Water-Soluble Supplies: Article #3

"A Look At Water-Soluble Art Supplies" by the Cloth Paper Scissors editors

This article touches on just a few of the options available to get you started on a journey into the wet and wonderful world of water-soluble art supplies, including the best sketching pencils, options for exploring watercolor pencil techniques, and new kinds of crayons, shimmering watercolors, and pigment blocks.

Oil Pastel and Alcohol Ink Techniques: Alcohol Inks and Oil Pastels, an Irresistible Pair

Oil Pastel and Alcohol Ink Techniques: Article #4

"Alcohol Inks and Oil Pastels, an Irresistible Pair" by Mandy Russell

With just a few simple ingredients, Wendy shows how make two polar opposites, alcohol inks and oil pastels, work together to create amazing resist (and reverse-resist) images. This technique is perfect for deep, dramatic backgrounds and other alcohol ink projects.

Mixed-Media Art + Craft Supplies: The Workshop, Sticking Together

Gel Medium and Attachment Options: Article #5

"The Workshop, Sticking Together: Attachment Options for Mixed-Media Art" by Jenn Mason

Whether you’re working with paper, found objects, or other mixed-media supplies, at some point you are going to want to attach one thing to another. Jenn explains the virtues of using gel medium and other attachment techniques.

This is one guide every mixed-media artist will want to have handy.

Plus, along with these ideas, you’ll tap into an entire community of thriving and creative artists just like you. And, with this free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you’ll discover a support network of thousands of mixed-media artists to help you along your journey.


Explore watercolor pencil techniques, including how to use these four varieties.