Lettering and Mark Making in Art: 4 Free Hand Lettering Techniques for Mixed Media Applications

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Here a mark, there a letter, everywhere a blank canvas just waiting to be marked on! With this free eBook, you'll be armed with an incredible set of writing techniques and lettering styles that will have you doodling, drawing, and marking all your art! When you grab this free collection you'll meet our expert artists, and dive into each fun and unique technique.

Whether you are new to lettering or not, you'll love the two-part handwriting tutorial from Sarah Anne DiNardo. Inside you'll get the inside scoop on supplies, and learn how to inspire your digits to start creating handwriting styles and marks of your very own. Next, join Joanne Sharpe for a colorful adventure with blendable markers and hand painted letters. Finally, explore the raw, immediate, artful expression of graffiti hand lettering styles with Lisa Engelbrecht. Be warned, mark making art can be addicting, and once you start, you'll be adding marks to everything. Download this free collection for all four inspiring mark making techniques and tutorials!

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Make your mark, on your art! These are just two of the many ways to embellish your mixed media. With this collection of free tutorials, you'll discover four creative mark making ideas. From the supplies and materials that are must-haves, to prompts and techniques, you'll be inspired from the moment you pick up this eBook. Along with this collection of mark making techniques, you'll discover expert instruction and helpful tips to help you be successful from the start. And, with your free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you'll have the help and support of thousands of mixed-media artists of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download today!

With this free eBook on hand lettering and mark making in art, you'll be creating your own style of lettering in no time! Download all four tutorials to get started today!

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Hand Lettering Tutorial: A Love Affair with Letters: Part One

Project 1: Hand Lettering Tutorial

A Love Affair with Letters: Part One by Sarah Anne DiNardo

There is something to be said about a handwritten letter, especially when creating a personal and unique item. For Sarah, text has been a constant source of exploration and inspiration. Armed with her creativity she has developed dozens of alphabets that now live in sketchbooks, patiently waiting to be used. In part one of this two part hand lettering tutorial, she covers all the basics. From finding you perfect pen, to what to start doodling on, you'll discover all you need to know to begin the process of hand lettering.

Hand Lettering Tutorial: A Love Affair with Letters: Part Two

Project 2: Handwriting Tutorial

A Love Affair with Letters: Part Two by Sarah Anne DiNardo

In the second part of this hand lettering tutorial, you'll learn how to find your style and begin creating your own hand lettering fonts. You dive into line, shape and texture of different hand lettering styles, as well as fun and interesting ways to practice and perfect.

Hand Painted Letters and Marks: Making Magic with Markers

Project 3: Hand Painted Letters and Marks

Making Magic with Markers: A Study in Color by Joanne Sharpe

Even as a professional artist, Joanne finds good old-fashioned coloring relaxing and artistically gratifying, especially with the right tools. In this tutorial, she introduces you to Copic markers and the benefits to adding coloring back into your life. She then walks you through a basic study in creating hand painted letters and coloring artfully using these materials. You are sure love her coloring tips and fun approach to mark making art!

Hand Lettering Styles: Graffiti Lettering

Project 4: Hand Lettering Styles

Graffiti Lettering by Lisa Engelbrecht

If you live in or near a big city you've seen graffiti, though you can often find graffiti in many other places as well. But have you noticed the graffiti masterpieces popping up everywhere? Well mixed-media artist Lisa did, and she was inspired by their raw, artful expression. In a less mischievous manner, she began creating graffiti lettering on her art, and developed her own process for these lettering styles. In this hand lettering tutorial, she shares all her tips for graffiti lettering, even walking you step by step to creating your first piece of art.

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When you are starting out, the many options for mixed media can be overwhelming. With all the possibilities, and the techniques for adding marks, it's no wonder even the most experienced artist can feel frustrated. Have no fear! This free eBook from Cloth Paper Scissors is dedicated to making mark making techniques easy and fun.

Start your own Love Affair with Letters with a helpful two part handwriting tutorial. Learn the ABCs of materials and supplies you'll need, how to get started, and then tips for how and where to practice hand lettering styles. Next you'll learn all about Making Magic with Markers, including an introduction to hand painted letters using markers and color. Finally, give Graffiti Lettering a try and get even more mark making ideas for your art journals and more. Grab your pens, markers, and your copy of this free eBook to start creating your own mark making art masterpieces.

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