Mixed Media + Painting Techniques: 4 Free Paper and Fabric Painting Ideas

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In the mixed-media artist's eyes, everything is a canvas—from paper to objects to, well, canvas. In fact painting fabric is fun and accessible choice that can take many forms, using many different fabric painting methods and supplies. You can use mixed-media painting techniques for painting backgrounds or to add a special touch to a collage. Painting on paper or fabric can also substitute for dyeing and add interest and texture to many mixed-media projects.

In this free mixed media tutorial, you'll learn how to paint fabric with many different media such as oil sticks, watercolors, and acrylics. Plus, you will learn how to combine fabric painting supplies with other mixed-media materials and techniques such as stitching, photo transfers, and collage. Ready to get started? Download your four free articles on art techniques and painting backgrounds, and learn how to paint on fabric today!

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Discover some of our most helpful paper art tips and learn how to paint on fabric and other media like a pro. Grab your free eBook to learn about using watercolor, oil sticks, and acrylic paint on fabric and paper!

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Textured backgrounds and mixed-media painting are just a few of the mixed media tutorials in this eBook.

Mixed Media Painting tutorial by Diana Trout

Fabric Paint Designs on Canvas

The Worhshop: Canvas Photo Quilts by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Paint on fabric can help you obscure details and develop layers in your mixed-media art. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer describes how build emotion while protecting privacy through layers of journaling, photo transfers, and using oil sticks.

Stencil Art Techniques - Get Your Stencil On by Linda Blinn

Painting on Fabric

Watercolor Tote: From Canvas Album to Carryall by April Derrick

April Derrick combines her love creating art on small pieces of canvas with watercolors, journaling and painting on fabric to create a colorful tote using beginner sewing skills.

Mix Media Art Ideas - Running with Scissors By June Pfaff Daley

Painting on Paper

Fragile Fusion: Making Durable Layers with Delicate Papers by Rebekah Meier

Some of the best mixed-media painting ideas come from trying to solve a problem. Rebekah Meier discovered that by applying layers of tissue paper, pain, and ink to fusible web, she could turn the fragile tissue into an art material that is quite durable. Adding embroidery, modeling paste, or stenciled and stamped designs creates a textural art material with lots of possibilities.

Mixed Media Techniques - A Study in Texture and Color by Roxanne Evans Stout

Collage, Photo Transfer, & Fabric Painting Designs

Photo, Paint, Stitch: Create Whimsical Images from Your Own Photographs by Kelli Nina Perkins

Kelli Perkins invites you to plunge in and whip up a funky artwork with lots of style. Kelli mixes collage and photo transfer techniques with bleach, fabric paint, and foil. She says this artistic process is virtually foolproof for beginners, with room for lots of flair if you're already experienced.

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When you learn how to paint on fabric the mixed-media way, you will open your mind and your art up to new options you had never thought of. From acrylic paint on fabric, to watercolor painting backgrounds, this eBook has a little bit of everything to get you started. Download now so you can start creating fabric painting projects today.

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