Free Printmaking Techniques: How to Screen Print, Monoprint, Sunprint and More

Monoprinting is an easy and satisfying way to create unique works of art. You can let your screen prints and monoprints stand alone or layer them with other materials and techniques to make mixed-media works.

In this free tutorial, we’ll show you five printmaking techniques you can use without a press. Many of these methods can be used with materials you probably already have in your studio. Download your free guide to monoprinting and screen printing techniques to learn about collagraph, cyanotypes, sun printing and more.


Download your 5 free articles on how to screen print, sunprint, nature print, collograph print and monoprint.

Learn DIY screen printing, monoprinting and more with this free eBook.

What’s inside?

With the tutorials here, you’ll quickly develop a repertoire of monoprinting and screen printing techniques you can use over and over again in your artwork. From creating backgrounds with gelatin printmaking techniques to flower printing or making layered fiber and paper collages with cyanotypes, this free eBook will open up a whole new realm for your mixed-media talents.

Cyanotype Process on Paper and Cloth: Embracing the Blues

#1: Cyanotypes on Paper and Cloth
Embracing the Blues by Linda Blinn and Jane LaFazio

In this guide to cyanotype process and printing, mixed-media artists Linda Blinn and Jane LaFazio will show you sun printing techniques, then give you how-tos on how to use your sun prints in fiber and mixed-media art.

Nature Printing: The Nature of Art

#2: Nature Printing
The Nature of Art by Cathy Taylor

Nature printing is as accessible as your garden, and Cathy Taylor shows you tips and tricks for making nature and leaf prints in The Nature of Art.

Home Screen Printing Tutorial

#3: Home Screen Printing Tutorial
A Look at . . . Rebel

This mixed media art technique is a great way to make several similar prints on paper or fabric in a hurry, and with this screen printing tutorial, you’ll learn techniques for creating and printing with a screen. You’ll fall in love with these home screen printing techniques and will find you’ll quickly build up a portfolio of prints.

Monoprints and Gelatin Printmaking: Making Gelatin Monoprints
#4: Monoprints and Gelatin Printmaking
Making Gelatin Monoprints by Jenn Mason

Jenn Mason is well-known for teaching gelatin monoprinting techniques. With her tutorial, The Workshop: Making Gelatin Monoprints, you’ll be gelatin printing in no time.

Collagraph Printing Tutorial: The Spirit Shrine

#5: Collagraph Print Tutorial
The Spirit Shrine by Janey Lasher

Collagraph printing (also known as collograph) is a combination of collage and printmaking—the collage is the plate. Janet Lasher offers tips on how to make a collograph print in The Spirit Shrine.

This is one guide every mixed-media artist will want to have handy.

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Learn printmaking techniques step by step, including collagraph printing and leaf printing.