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Paper is one of the most versatile mediums available to mixed media artists, allowing for nearly any technique, material, or design to be used in handmade paper crafts. Paper itself has an amazing ability to fit the needs of the artist, and can be folded, cut, glued, molded, stitched, layered, and worked up in every way possible. It can serve as a humble background to other elements or take center stage as a work of art on its own. It's no wonder that we hold onto every scrap that comes our way!

Here are Cloth Paper Scissors, we love to use paper in our projects, and want to celebrate its many functions by offering four favorite projects for you to download for free. Sarinda Jones shows you how to make gorgeous paper flower ornaments in her step-by-step article. Sharon Gross explains how she makes delightful nature print greeting cards. Then, be inspired by Catherine Anderson’s “Journaling Over the Rainbow: A Colorful Collaboration,” which focuses on art journals. Finally step into Kathy Baker-Addy’s world of altered book art with “Books Unfurled.” Get ready to make some of your own paper art, download the entire free collection to ignite your inspiration today.
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Discover how to create origami flowers from newspaper!

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Learn how to make paper flowers

Learn how to repurpose old books to create paper collages.

Paper Flowers:

“Flower Ornament” by Sarinda Jones     

“The Kusudama, which literally means medicine ball, is a very old Japanese paper model made of multiple, identical, pyramidal units,” explains Sarinda. “Most often these units are folded- paper flower petals. I find that the act of folding paper creates a Zen-like experience and quiets my mind. These Kusudama ornaments make a great gift item for a friend, a possible wreath, or a wedding bouquet.” Learn how to make her delightful version of paper flowers in “Paper Ornament.”

Handmade Cards:

“Nature Print Greeting Cards” by Sharon Gross

“Walking through my neighborhood one autumn afternoon, I noticed how beautiful the leaves looked scattered on the road—a vivid palette of red, yellow, orange, and purple, glistening in the late day sun,” says Sharon. “I’m a printmaker and the fallen leaves reminded me of a printmaking process, with its layers of color and texture. As I bent down to get a better look at the leaves, I saw their many shapes, veins, and even some holes made by hungry bugs. I decided to use some leaves to make prints and picked up a few to bring home. I put them inside an old book to dry and flatten, and in a few days they were ready to use. Each print I created was not only unique; it was easy to do and had layers full of texture.” Follow Sharon’s steps to create your own handmade cards.

Create paper graffiti art and learn how to incorporate paper quilting into your paper art.
Design custom magnets using paper art techniques and leftover wood pieces to create tiny but inspiring paper collages.

Art Journaling:

“Journaling Over the Rainbow: A Colorful Collaboration” by Catherine Anderson

“Paul Cezanne said ‘Color is the place where our spirits and the universe meet.’ So, when a small group of artists from different parts of the world gathered online to create a collaborative journal project, color seemed like a perfect theme,” explains Catherine. “Creating in one color palette presented a challenge, forcing everyone to experiment with texture and shape.

“For this challenge, everyone had to find creative and unique ways to make their color page through texture, shape, text, or design. It was encouraging to know that everyone was challenged by this; you weren’t alone. The others in the group helped to keep you moving forward with the project—even when you felt stuck.” See what artists came up with in this color challenge, and be inspired to make your own art journal!

Altered Book Art:

“Books Unfurled” by Kathy Baker-Addy

“A few years back I found myself in Bisbee, Arizona, the week before a benefit held by the Friends of the Copper Queen Library,” says Kathy. “The community was called upon to create art using old books for a silent auction. Though I had become familiar with altered books on the web, I usually worked with paint and fibers. Nevertheless, with a design in mind, I decided to try my hand at it.” See her beautiful results, and learn her technique for making an altered book project worthy of exhibiting on the wall.

Step into your own story using paper mache, graphic paper, glitter, objects and more to create paper mache shoes.

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Learn how to make graphic paper to use in your paper quilt patterns and other mixed-media projects.

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