4 Free Paper Art Techniques: Explore Designs using Paper Collage, Papier Mache, Handmade Paper, and Paper Quilting

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This craft uses is one of the most versatile mediums available to mixed media artists, allowing for nearly any technique, material, or design to be used in handmade paper crafts. The medium itself has an amazing ability to fit the needs of the artist, and can be folded, cut, glued, molded, stitched, layered, and worked up in every way possible. It can serve as a humble background to other elements or take center stage as a work of art on its own. It's no wonder that we hold onto every scrap that comes our way!

Here at Interweave, we love to use the medium in our projects, and want to celebrate its many functions by offering four favorite projects for you to download for free. Cathy Taylor’s paper collage project shows you how to use the worn, vintage, and aged parts of old books and arrange them in in a creative way. Be inspired by street art with Catherine Nicholls’ paper graffiti art project, which demonstrates how to use your favorite materials to tell a visual story in the form of paper quilt patterns. Then, turn bits of leftover wood into tiny artworks, using Jodi Ohl’s heart magnets project. Finally step into a story with a sweet papier mache project from Gail Walker that will have you dancing your way into paper collage bliss. Get ready to create your own by downloading the entire free collection to ignite your craft inspiration today!
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Ready to explore a new realm of mixed media art? Download the latest handmade paper crafts tutorial from Interweave and get expert instruction, tips, and inspiring techniques to expand your horizons. Armed with these paper art projects you will be ready to explore papier-mâché, stitching on paper, paper graffiti art, and other handmade paper crafts. Try a new technique or revisit one you may have forgotten about, download this entire collection to be inspired today!

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Learn the easy steps to creating mini handmade paper magenets, and take your paper art projects to the next level.

Learn how to repurpose old books to create paper collages.

Collage Technique:

"Anthologies, Creating Collages with ‘Rescue’ Books" by Cathy Taylor

You never can really expect when those “Aha!” moments happen, and for Cathy, her moment inspired her to create a masterpiece. Using battered, torn, and unwanted books and memorabilia, she teaches you how to create wonderful paper collages that can be framed and treasured. Starting with watercolor paper, you will learn how to add elements to create expressive, textural pieces that can be combined to create one-of-a-kind artwork. Follow her easy process to breathe new life into old books, and into your handmade paper art crafts.

Create paper graffiti art and learn how to incorporate paper quilting into your paper art.

Paper Quilt Patterns Technique:

"Graffiti Paper Quilts" by Catherine Nicholls

Graffiti art is a good thing, when it comes to the inspired paper quilt patterns from Catherine Nicholls. As an artist, she embraces paper graffiti art as a form of storytelling, creating beautiful artworks using her unique techniques. Learn to combine watercolor paper, photos, transparencies, and learn how to sew paper, all in this informative article. Start creating paper graffiti art with a personal touch, when you download this free tutorial today!

Design custom magnets using paper art techniques and leftover wood pieces to create tiny but inspiring paper collages.

Mini Collage Technique:

"Itty Bitty Bits of Inspiration, Winter Blue Sweetheart Magnets" by Jodi Ohl

What is there to do with a box of pieces of leftover wood? Create paper collages of course! Using 2” pieces of wood, mixed media collage techniques, and magnets artist Jodi Ohl came up with her own way to spread her love of mixed-media to others. These mini collages are fun to make up a dozen at a time, and once you get the hang of the process, it’s a quick and easy technique that will keep you inspired.  Using commercial or handmade paper, dream up your designs, add them to piece of wood, then follow Jodi's simple finishing techniques and you are all set! Get your free articles, grab those mixed-media supplies, and get started creating mini collages.

Step into your own story using paper mache, graphic paper, glitter, objects and more to create paper mache shoes.

Papier Mache Technique:

"Step into a Story" by Gail Walker

Step into your own fairy tale story with this next article from artist Gail Walker. What started as a project challenge, these tiny works of papier-mâché became a creative outlet for the stories of her life. Learn the easy steps to tell your own story through papier-mâché, handmade paper, graphic paper, and stitching on paper. Her tutorial also includes a helpful article on making your own graphic papers for use in this project and many others. Tell your story when you download the entire collection today!

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If you love mixed media, you will love this free eBook on handmade paper crafts. The versatility of the medium is explored by many mixed media artists, and these four experts are no exception. Join Cathy Taylor in creating mixed media collages using old books that are taken apart, and put back together to tell a new story. Read along as Catherine Nicholls reveals her process for taking watercolor paper, photos, transparencies, and hand stitching on paper, and turns them into a visual paper quilt. Jodi Ohl uses leftover scraps of wood, decorative papers, and text to create mini collage magnets that are as fun to make as they are to share. Dust off your papier-mâché skills with Gail Walkers creative technique for using graphic paper, glitter, and hand stitching on paper to create shoe sculptures that you can customize. Enjoy one or all four projects for paper collages when you download.

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Learn how to make graphic paper to use in your paper quilt patterns and other mixed-media projects.

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