Free Guide to Art Stamps: Fun Ideas and Easy Stamping Techniques

There is something satisfying about mark making, and in particular, the way handmade art stamps seem to bring art to life. Here at Cloth Paper Scissors, we love creating custom stamps, and want to share a few of our favorite stamping ideas with you. In this free collection of stamping techniques, expert artists share their individual approaches to stamping.

First, learn about six tools that you’ll want to have on hand to make your own original stamps. Next, get ready to make your own stamps with dies and foam with Danee Kaplan. Learn to make handmade rolling stamps with Linda Calverley, using a variety of materials you probably already have! Finally, discover how Cecilia Swatton combines collagraphy, foam-plate printing, and hand-carved stamps for unique collages. Whether you try one or all of these stamping techniques, you are sure to discover something new about stamping from this free eBook.


Get your free guide to stamping and carving art stamps.

Discover stamp carving and four techniques for how to stamp.

What’s inside?

Making a good impression is easier than ever with the help of handmade art stamps. When you make your own stamps, you add an element of your personality that cannot be replicated with commercial designs. In this free eBook, we introduce talented artists who will show you how to create art, foam stamps, and more. If you are ready to learn how to make a stamp and discover inspiring art and rubber stamping ideas, then this eBook is for you.

Article 1: Tools to Make Your Own Stamps

The Essential Guide to Stamp Making Supplies

A look at . . .
Stamp-Carving Supplies

Get an overview of the simple tools you’ll need to make your own stamps in “A Look At . . . Stamp Carving Supplies,” a comprehensive article from Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.

Article 2: How to Make a Stamp

How to Make a Stamp

Make Your Own Stamps with Dies and Foam by Danee Kaplan

Learn how this artist took an art supply she already had on hand to create her own. It’s a simple stamping idea that you’ll love!

Article 3: How to Stamp and Carve Rolling Stamps

How to Make Rolling Stamps

The Workshop: Roll Out the Backgrounds by Linda Calverley

Linda’s easy-to-use technique for stamp carving is both fun and inspiring, but be warned—this mixed media technique can be addicting! Along with directions for how to make a stamp for rolling, Calverley provides valuable tips on how to make art using your new creations.

Article 4: Using Art Stamps and Rubber Stamping Ideas

Ideas and Techniques for How to Stamp

Print Fusion: Combining Collagraphy, Foam-Plate Printing, and Hand-Carved Stamps for One-of-a-Kind Collages by Cecilia Swatton

The title says it all! Learn Cecilia’s stamping techniques and then apply them to your own mixed-media art for endless possibilities.

Making a good impression is easier than ever with the help of handmade art stamps.

Plus, along with these articles on how to sell your art, online blogging tips, and ideas for promoting your business, you’ll tap into an entire community of thriving and creative artists just like you. And, with this free membership to the Cloth Paper Scissors community, you’ll discover a support network of thousands of mixed-media artists to help you along your journey.


Learn how to carve a stamp and use your handmade art stamps.