4 Free Tutorials on Upcycling Ideas and Creating Recycled Art

Using familiar items in unexpected ways is a huge part of mixed media. So often we find ourselves with an overflowing stash of found objects, bits and pieces, and scraps to save and treasure and use in future creations. Start whittling down that stash with the help of this free eBook, dedicated to providing you with inspiring ideas and creative solutions for using your stash to create upcycled art.

Our first article will teach you how to upcycle an old pair of overalls into a blank canvas, ready to be drawn, stamped, and painted all over. From plastic bags to stunning pieces of fused art, learn how to create green art and colorful designs using every day plastic bags. Have broken glass or ceramics? Discover an ingenious way to safely combine these pieces using adhesive to create flower art from recycled materials. Finally, capture the raw beauty of your stash (and even trash) into recycled art babes, complete with buttons and bits, and even a rubbish badge of honor. From a way to upcycle garments to whimsical recycled art ideas, this eBook has a little bit of everything to get your imagination going.

Combine your stash of odds and ends with the creativity of four mixed media artists, and you’ve got one inspired afternoon. Dig through all four upcycling projects and tutorials to begin exploring ways to create art from recycled materials.


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Learn how to remake recycled materials, found objects, and more into wonderful upcycling projects.

What’s inside?

In the first of our upcycling projects, A Most Original Name Tag, you’ll learn to make a ‘name’ for yourself by cutting apart and reconstructing overalls to create the perfect background for adding your signature style. Next, in From Plastic Bag to Fused-Plastic Fabric, you’ll venture through a truly green art idea learning to create a unique fabric collage of fused bag layers and colorful patterns. In Mixed Media Glass Flower you can follow along as glass dishes, metal buttons, hardware, and stained glass remnants are turned into green art creations. Then, from trash to treasure, Raw Beauty RecyclaBabes help you elevate debris and found objects to the level of art supply to create upcycled projects with attitude.

Upcycled Ideas: A Most Original Name Tag

Upcycled Ideas, Project 1:

A Most Original Name Tag by Laura Ryan

Take those old coveralls or overalls and remake them for an artist’s apron that makes a statement. First you’ll learn how to cut apart your overalls before sewing them back together into a useful upcycled garment. Then express your creativity by painting, doodling and adding personality to the blank canvas. Make a name for yourself with each of the upcycled ideas in this free eBook.

Upcycled Ideas: From Plastic Bag to Fused-Plastic Fabric

Upcycled Ideas, Project 2:

From Plastic Bag to Fused-Plastic Fabric by Cathleen "CB" Bradley

This project is all about creating upcycled crafts from a common household item, plastic bags. Cathleen discovered an ingenious way to fuse colorful plastic bags to create fabric for use in all sorts of found object projects, from lamp shades to belts and purses. Learn all about these four upcycle crafts when you download your free collection.

Upcycled Ideas: Mixed-Media Glass Flowers

Upcycled Ideas, Project 3:

Mixed-Media Glass Flowers by Ivy Demos

What do you get when you mix together broken glass, a little adhesive and a creative mixed-media artist? You get upcycled crafts that are edgy and abstract, and are sure to grab the attention of any onlooker. Follow along to learn how to create blooms using oddly cut glass pieces and found objects in this unusual upcycle project.

Upcycled Ideas: Raw Beauty

Upcycled Ideas, Project 4:

Raw Beauty by Melanie Testa

Rusty bottle caps, washers, plastic barrettes, silk flower petals; just the beginning of a stash of found objects that many mixed media artists amass. In this fun tutorial you’ll learn how to combine these parts and pieces with raw materials, seeing their true beauty take form into RecyclaBabe upcycled projects.

Be warned: these upcycling crafts are addicting.

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Get tips on reusing garments for upcycling crafts.