Embossing powders

Embossing powders definition

Usually used with rubber-stamp techniques, embossing powders are dusted onto pigment-inked images, then heated with a heat gun causing the powder to produce a shiny, enamel-like finish. Powders come in clear, colors, metallic, and iridescent.

Embossing basics

Find out how to emboss with this free eBook on embossing techniques.

Embossing tools

To use embossing powder, you must first have a heat gun, plus an embossing stamp, or metal embossing tools if you plan to work with metal materials. For more on embossing basics with stamps, see our piece on stamping with embossing powders.

Metal embossing

While embossing powder is not always used on metal, this is the most common medium that goes in hand with it. For more on embossing metal, see our article on how to alter metal for mixed media jewelry.

For inspiration, follow Cloth Paper Scissors' Embossing board on Pinterest.




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