Needle Felting

needle felting

A few basic needle felting supplies

What is needle felting?

This hand-made technique fuses an additional layer of fiber onto a base fiber or felted fabric. This can be done by hand with a needle felting brush or piece of foam and felting needle(s), or using a needle felting machine. In both cases, the fabrics/fibers are layered one on top of the other, and the needle punctures through them continuously and quickly until they are fused together.

Needle felting supplies

Most needle felting projects only require a very small investment into the hobby. You can get started with merely a bag of fibers, L-shaped needles, base felt and a piece of foam into which you will felt.

Needle felting ideas

Grab some free felting projects from our site, our try one of our kits to get started today! For more on needle felting wool, see our blog, or see a basic needle felting tutorial we’ve shared with our community.

For inspiration, follow Cloth Paper Scissors' Needle Felting Ideas board on Pinterest.

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