Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Fall 2009


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20+ Warm and Inviting Artist Studios to motivate your own studio re-do; Expert tips for setting up a teaching space; Lucie Summers’ retro-inspired design space (and her take on how it feels to be a featured artist on Etsy); Innovative products to help you get and stay organized; Art projects that will make your creative space unique, and more!


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Scenes from "Dye Camp"

More Video Tours

More information on Goggleworks

In the Studio with Cate' Blog and Giveaways





special features 

Unlocking the Secrets of Open Studios
45 tips for making your open studios event a success

The Art of Display 
Goods served on tableware tempt buyers


Room with A View
This Studio Is Me
Leilani Pierson


Heart Space
Kay Tangner

Mixed Quits, Modern Studio
Suzanne Hyland

Googleworks: The More the Artier
Carolyn Fellman and Susan Andrews

Looming Large
Dawn MacFall

Design for Living
Linda and Opie O'Brien

Nifty, Thrifty
Lucie Summers




Editor' Note

Message Board

Opening the door to Students

Get it Together
Storage solutions for every artist


Creative Spaces
Nicole Boch-Bui

Flower Patch Coasters
Leilani Pierson

Sign of the Times

Jamie Fingal


Warm Colors, Welcoming Spaces 
Lynda Andrus
Kristen Beason
Susan Brubaker Knapp
Colette George
Cathe Holden
P.J. Hornberger
Lisa Jarrell
Shauna Lee Lange
Leslie Marsh
Jacqueline Ostrowicki
Madai Rogers
Terri Ross
Yael Shafer
Terry White




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