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In this 148-page magazine, we have a special focus on mothers and daughters creating together. Some share a creative space, some collaborate on a business: there is even a studio where three generations work together. These artists open up their spaces and share the the joys and (a few) frustrations of working with their mom/daughter with you. A highlight of this section is an excerpt from the book The Printed Pattern, by mother-daughter team Yvonne and Rebecca Drury.

On the cover, Anne Fletcher and Fran Valera's Studio.



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featured studios

Organization & Inspiration

All A-round the Studio
A round-up of circular products
By Lindsey Murray

12 Ways to De-stash
Our editors’ best tips

Storage Solution
How to organize and use your inspiration articles efficiently
By Christina Fairley Erickson

21 Make Your Own Thread Storage Unit
By Maria Elkins

24 Brown Bag It!
Paper bag collage floor
By Ivy Demos

28 How to Make Etsy Work for You
By Lindsey Murray

32 Paws and Effect
Comforts for your studio Creatures

Color is Primary
A Designer’s Studio Makeover
Plus: Pretty Pegboard
By Linda Blinn

Special Feature: Mothers & Daughters
Two—or more!—generations creating together

Christine, Lauren, and Alexandra Adolph
Dawn Hansen and Abby

Lisa and Sarah Cox

Fran Valera, Anne Fletcher, and Kira Valera

Connie Berends, Jill Brown, and Laura McCarragher

Janelle Girod and Kristin Rodriguez

Lisa and Michaela Schmidt

Yvonne and Rebecca Drury


Bonus: An excerpt from The Printed Pattern,
by Yvonne and Rebecca Drury


Featured Studios

Alicia D. Kashishian

Sarah Symes
Trisha Hassler
Kathy Davis
Diane Weeks
Julie McCullough
Leah Virsik
Lori Kay Farr

Studios Vignettes

Jean Bragen
Tasha McKelvy
Bonnie Loduha
Lisa L. Mahar

Pamela Hochstetter
Susan Hoppenworth
Barbara Behan
Pam Fairchild
Diane Gloystein
Sara Pearsall
Susie Coleman
Mona Landers
Mindy Mass
Ellen Wery


My Inspiration: Patchwork Design Wall
Pokey Bolton




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