Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Spring 2008

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Extreme Studio Makeover ; Working with a Professional Organizer ; Top 10 Excuses for Spending Time in Your Studio; Super Storage Tips from Readers; Budget Storage Solutions; Paws & Effect, Pets in the studio; and a glimpse inside some of your favorite artists' creative spaces and much more…


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Read about Leilani Pierson's bittersweet inspiration for the Note Nook and Cranny

Make a Circular Note Holder with Lollipop Blossoms

Get Kim Sherrod's tips and tricks for fabric collage and inkjet images.

See artwork by our featured artists-from past issues of Cloth Paper Scissors

Art to Inspire from Pokey Bolton's studio

See more adorable studio pets.






featured studios

Extreme Studio Makeover
Patricia (Pokey) Bolton

Jane Davila

Pam RuBert

Mary Fisher

Sara Lechner

Working with a Professional Organizer
Tomme Fent

Jane Wynn



Wrapped & Ready
12-pocket colored pencil roll
Kathy Mack

Note Nook & Cranny
Leilani Pierson

Easel Desk Clock
Charlotte Lyons

Whimsical Wire Lampshade Mobile
Sue Pelletier

Stick Around
Stuffed yo-you pin cushions
Michele Muska

Fanciful Collage Aprons
Kim Sherrod

Doorknob Décor
Mavis Leahy

Hanging Business Card Holder
Karen Fricke

Design Wall on a Dime
Patricia (Pokey) Bolton





Editor' Note

Top 10 Excuses for Spending Time in Your Studio

Super Storage Tips from Readers

Budget Storage Solutions
Barbara Delaney

Paws & Effect
Pets in the studio


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A glimpse inside some of your favorite artists' creative spaces:
Judy Coates Perez
Leilani Pierson
Elin Waterston
Tracie Lyn Huskamp
Donna Anderson
Charlotte Lyons
Kelli Perkins
Cheryl Prater
Julaine Lofquist-Birch
Beryl Taylor
Jenn Mason
Lesley Riley
Michael Aaron McAllister
datel Rollerson
Debbi Crane




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