Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Spring 2012


Annabelle Ozanne's Studio


Join 27 artists as they invite you into their studios to share diverse view points, offer sound advice, and dazzle you with inspiration.


We’ve gathered potters, weavers, and jewelry makers, found fabulous papermakers, and recruited quilters, artists, and painters. Some of these artists claim multiple rooms and even multiple studios; another created a charming space in less than 30 square feet.

They reveal how they juggle art time with other responsibilities, deal with limited space, tight budgets, and time constraints. Many also manage to write books, sell their products, win awards, and teach classes.

Highlights include:

  • Personal interviews with featured artists
  • How to get “art underfoot” by painting studio floors
  • The latest on re-purposing cast-offs
  • Turning spare bedrooms into functional art space

The spring season is the time to get organized and start fresh and Spring Studios has all the tips and tricks you need to get started!

On the cover, Studio of Isabelle De Borchgrave, Brussels, Belgium. Photo by Jeannie-Pierre Gabriel.




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Jane LaFazio's Studio

STUDIOS Winter 2011

Table of Contents


__ Editor’s note

__ Message Board

__ Resources


Organization and Inspiration

Claiming your Space
By Rober Burridge 

Settling In




Lisa Van Nortwick

From Ashes to Inspiration



patte kayne

Take a Big Step on Stenciled Floors






gwenith grace jones and kenneth wood forcier



 Floor It!
lindsey murray

Ergonomics—my business



lois hallock

















Featured Studios  


New department

Studio Style

At Home by the Sea…an interview with Lisa Occhipinti




l inda bl inn

Refined Design in a

Rural Setting




Susan hersey

 Featured Studios

Isabelle de Borchgrave, Peter

and Donna Thomas, Sheila

Frampton-Cooper, Kathy

Wosika, Daniel O’Connor, Lisa

Congdon, John Babcock, Alison

Lee, Shelly Gerber, Teahouse

Art Studio, Candy Depew


Studio Vignettes

Jane LaFazio, Deborah

Jarchow, Thespoena

McLaughlin, Christine

Mason Miller, Annabelle

Ozanne, Cynthia Frenette,

Stephanie Zing, Suzanne

Myers-Otto, Julie

Kornblum, Kate Gabrielle











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