Cloth Paper Scissors January/February 2010 Table of Contents

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More insight from Crystal Neubauer

Directions and tips for creating Debbi Crane’s individual niches

Cathy Taylor’s step-by-step images for creating a landscape

More art from Carlene Federer, Jodi Ohl, and Sue Pelletier

Additional results from the Sailors’ Valentine Reader Challenge

Learn more about Beryl Taylor’s book and DVD 



Sarah Wyman

Creating soulful collaged and painted figures

A Beginner’s Guide to Beginning
Jodi Ohl
Finding time for your creative life

Artist Profile: Lynda Andrus
Cate Coulacos Prato

Encaustic Collage
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
A medium for journalistic musings

Color Wheel Journal Quilt:
A mixed-media approach

Diana Trout

Bird Portraits
Lisa Thorpe
A unique series combining sewing, collage, and encaustic

I Made This: “Chubby Houses”
Debi Harris Babcock

Artist to Artist with Crystal Neubauer
Lesley Riley

Fanciful Sculptures
Elaine Thomas

Creating with clay, paint, & paper

Announcing the Cloth Paper Scissors
 “Pass it On: Mail Art Affirmations” Reader Swap

Get a Grid!
Debbi Crane
Canvas wall art for collectors of odds & ends

Drop Cloth Girls
Sue Pelletier
Combine canvas, collage, and stitch

Sailors’ Valentine Reader Challenge Results

Sailors’ Valentine: Treasures from the Sea
Carlene Federer
Love letters on styrene panels

Building Upon Layers
Beryl Taylor
Detailed design made easy

Announcing the Cloth Paper Scissors Mixed-media “Pendant Swap”




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notes from our editor

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book reviews

the in-box
letters from our readers

who did this?
our contributors

popping the question
What’s the craziest thing you have ever stamped with?

a pastiche of creative inspiration

the workshop
Transforming papers to make a unique painting surface

Cathy Taylor

Tips, prompts, ideas, and more from this issue’s artists



Sew what?
The things mixed-media artists put their sewing machines through

Loretta Benedetto Marvel

Artist Profile: Lynda Andrus



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