Cloth Paper Scissors: January/February 2013 Table of Contents

  of contents

34   Encaustic on the Cheap
        Michele Belto
        Building up layers        

38   Resin Bangle
        Heidi Boyd
        Show off your snippets 

44   Boxed In       
        Josie Cirincione
        Making Boxes with glass and solder

48  Stitching to Make a Statement  
       Jane LaFazio
        One artist's take     

52   Shallow Carving 
        Judy Wise
        Making dimensionsl paintings  
56   Art in Free Motion        
       Joanne Sharpe 
60  Countdown for Studio Solutions      
       Linda Blinn   
       Favorite ides for art spaces


64   Calculating Your Color Options
        Chris Cozen        
68   Love Your Letters      
        Lisa Engelbrecht
        Handwriting tricked out letterisa style

72    Simple silk Screening
          Kathy Cano-Murillo

76    Digital Transfer Magic
         Patti Brady
         Creating transparent skins


 2   Musings

 8   Who Did This?

10  Social Corner

12   In the Mix
       This Just In,
        Now Read This,
        Look at . . .  Tunnel Books

18   Getting Technical
        Nikki Smith
        Create a video slideshow of your photos

20   Artists Give Back
Elena Lai Etcheverry
         Girls Love Mail


22   Mixed-Media Metalsmith
        Jen Cushman

24   Adventures in Arting
       Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
       The importance of keeping a sketchbook

28   A Conversation with . . .
        Donna Downey

50   Call for Art 
        Sweet Silhouette
81   Reader Challenge
        Tunnel Books

81   Reader Challenge Results:

93   Marketplace

94   Classifieds and Ad Index

95    Making Time for Art 
        Tina Koyama
         It's never too late to start 

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