Cloth Paper Scissors July/August 2008

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Instructions for making Beryl Taylor's fabric paper

Recipe from Pam Carriker for Mom's Pot Roast

An additional doll by Lisa Kaus

Patterns for self-portrait party hats and paper dolls



Conversations in the Dark
Lisa Kaus

These dolls have frills-and maybe some secrets-up their sleeves

Fiber Effects
Kelli Perkins
Colorful needle-felted trading cards

Stitch This
Pokey Bolton
Machine needle-felted ATCs

"Lotsa Fruit"
Patricia Gaignat
These prints are ripe for manipulation and art

Lost & Found
A retrieved journal gets a fresh look and gives artist Jessica Deane Rosner new perspective

The Nature of Art

Cathy Taylor
Capture nature's splendor in aftful prints

Artist Profile: Geoffrey Gorman
Cate Coulacos Prato

Art at the Speed of Life
Pam Carriker
A busy mom finds time for art and still gets dinner on the table

Extreme Visual Journalism
Juliana Coles
Rewriting the myths of ourselves in a visula travelogue

Artist to Artist with Johan Hagaman
Lesley Riley

Viva Frida!
Cate Coulacos Prato

Host a self-portrait party

Business at Hand:  An Interview with Expressly Yours Embellishments
Patricia Bolton

Razzle Dazzle
Allyson Faulkner
From fabric paper to embellished artwork

Results from Our "True Colors" Reader Challenge’








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popping the question
Has your child every brought home artwork that provided you with inspiration for your own art?

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totally tubular

Jenn Mason


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The heart of art
Loretta Benedetto Marvel


Extreme Visual Journalism, Julianna Coles

Art at the Speed of Life, Pam Carriker


Cloth Paper Scissors


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