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regular features

The Workshop
Cheryl Darrow
Metal embossing basics

I Made This: 'Bee: Wild'
Samantha Fahy

Artist Profile: Susan Lenart Kazmer
Susie Monday

An Artist’s Journey
Loretta Benedetto Marvel

projects and techniques

 Art Journaling
Dawn Devries Sokol
Pages in stages: Part 2

Travel Journals
Jacqueline Newbold
Using maps as a starting point

Guerrilla Art is
Fred Free

Pocket Scrolls
Leilani Pierson

Muslin Pendant Remix
Krystal Wick

Paper-pieced Produce
Andrea Manard
Building a collage with layers

Plastic Collage
Sue Pelletier

Go to Paris!
The Oiseaux Sisters
Susan Andrews & Carolyn Fellman




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the in-box

Calling All Artists:  Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan Search 2011

In The Mix
This is in, Now Read This, A Look at.. Writing Tools, and On Our Radar

Popping the Question:
What art supplies do you like to travel with? 

Muse Flash
A pastiche of creative inspiration

Reader Challenge Announcement:
“Mini Book"

Reader Challenge Results:
"Pendant" Swap


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