Cloth Paper Scissors July/August 2011 Table of Contents


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table of contents

projects and techniques

34 The Life of a Fabric Book
     Ro Bruhn

42   Wearable Art Cuff
       Teresa Stanton
       Fabrics and found objects for
       your wrist

54  A Love Affair with Letters: Part II
      Sarah Anne DiNardo

60  Vacations Remembered
      Crystal Neubauer
      Using digital collage

66  Think Outside the Book
      Samantha Kira Harding
      Art journaling on canvas pages

72  Test Tube Book
      Tamara Bastone
      A mixed-media discovery 

regular features

24  I Made This: ‘Turquoise

     Vivian Bonder

28 The Workshop
     Cathleen "CB" Bradley
     From Plastic Bag to
     Fused-plastic   Fabric:
     Create colorful collaged & stitched

48  Artist Profile: 
      Nathalie Miebach
     Barbara Delaney

An Artist's Journey
     Loretta Benedetto Marvel  


2  Musings

6  Who Did This?

8  The In-box

10  In The Mix
This Just In, Now Read This, A Look at Adding Color to Fabric, and On Our Radar

20  Popping the Question:
What's in your fabric stash? 

22  Muse Flash
A pastiche of creative inspiration

78 Reader Challenge Results:
'Fabric Swatch Exchange' 

86  Reader Challenge Announcement:
'A Little Me' 

88  Marketplace

92  Classifieds and
      Ad Index

96  Homework


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  1. I would like to obtain a copy of the July/August 2011 issue of CPS to view Ro Bruhn’s article, especially if there are directions on how she creates her books. Thank you.


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