Cloth Paper Scissors March/April 2008 Table of Contents

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"Hannah Leigh" necklace by Tina Givens

How to make the 'Hannah Leigh' necklace be Tina Givens



Pop-up Fold out Neighborhood Shrine
Suzie Wolfer

Reminisce and re-create in 3-D

Dream Houses, Part 1 Making a painted and stitched fabric
Judy Coates Perez

Telamadera Fusion
Bringing wood and fabric together

Alma De La Melena Cox

Something Fishy
Hand-tinted photos on fabric:
the disperse-dye method

Diane Herbort

Take Me to Thy Cupcakery
Kelli Perkins
Create a tasty mixed-media book

Dyed in the Wool
Bailey Curtis
Turn white wool into a wonderful landscape

Artist Profile: Mati Rose McDonough
Cate Coulacos Prato

Artist to Artist with Lynda Boltz
Lesley Riley
Lyrical digital collages

Soul Clothes
Art addressing matters of the heart
Nic Hohn

A chat with professional artist and fabric designer Tina Givens
Patricia Bolton

Sherbert Girl Necklaces
Tina Givens
Make a fanciful fashion statement

Heavens to Etsy!
The internet giant of handmade stuff

Collaged Affirmations
Kelly Rae Roberts

Paper on Cloth

Jane LaFazio
Painted and stitched mixed-media collages



Cupcake book by Kelli Perkins

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popping the question
If you had to throw something out of your studio and needed to give it up for whatever reason, what would it be?

the workshop
Using Die-cutting Machines to Enhance your art

Jenn Mason



Tuesdays We do the Wash
Loretta Benedetto Marvel

Artist Profile, Mati Rose McDonough



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