Cloth Paper Scissors: May/June 2012 Table of Contents

table of contents

regular features 

26  We Made These:       
       Susan Burgess & fabricatcsonetoone  

28  Adventures in Arting
       Julie Fei-Fan Balzer 
       Art Every Day

32  The Workshop    

       Veronica Funk
       Whispers: Soul Painting

36   Artist Profile: Linda Scharf        
        Barbara Delaney

96   Follow Your Art        
       Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
       Change is a Comin'

  online extras

Upload your challenge art.

projects and techniques


46  Unwearable Buttons        
        Linda Calverley
        Making art from cast-offs

50  My Art is Skin Deep   
       Jen Osborn      
54  Shoe Party  
       Barbara Delaney 
       Mixed-media underfoot
60   Paint 'n' Stitch Cuffs       
        Mandy Russell
        Wrist wearables 

65  Metal Meets Stitch       
       Karen Wellman  
       A whimsical heart pendant 

68  How Does Your (tea cup) Garden Grow?          
Tiffany Teske             
       Mixed-media assemblage    

72  Picture Perfect       
       Audrey Fisher
      Carving stamps from photos

78  Abstract Maps      
       Jill K. Berry      
       A bird's-eye view using PanPastels  


2  Musings

8  Who Did This?

10 Social Corner

14  In the Mix
     This Just In,  
      Now Read This, 

      Look at . . . Resin
, and On Our

24  Muse Flash
       A pastiche of  
       creative i

31  Getting Technical
       Nikki Smith     
      Creating a Personal Banner

82   Reader Challenge
        Felted Wonders

83  Reader Challenge 
 Cloth Paper Scissors Post 

92   Marketplace

95   Classifieds and Ad


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