Cloth Paper Scissors November/December 2009 Table of Contents

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More creations from our "Winter Holiday Critter Stuffies" Reader Challenge

Melissa Hackmann offers insight on how she balances motherhood and art

Bonus artwork from our featured artists: Nola Hart, June Pfaff Daley,Pam Carriker, Tammy Smith, and Pat Gaignat




Everyday Women
Nola Hart

Dolls inspired by shape, balance, and movement

Turning the Tables
June Pfaff Daley
Creating art with math

Artist Profile: Tammy Smith
Cate Coulacos Prato

Illustrative Clay Painting
Lisa Kettell
Add dimension to your paintings

Multi-layered Wax Backgrounds
Patricia Gaignat
Tips for using a stylus with encaustic paints

Wabi-sabi inspiration
Serena Barton
Mixed-media art with re-inkers and alcohol inks

Artist to Artist with Melissa Hackmann
Lesley Riley

I Made This: "Huckleberry Snowgirl"
Flora Thompson

Ornamental Gift Tags
Virginia Cole
From me, to you, with embellishment, paint, and stitch

Floral Gift Tags
Jill Amanda Kennedy
Show off all of your favorite techniques

Stuffed Horse Ornaments
Samantha Jenkins
Foal around with paint, fabric, and stitch

Results from our "Winter Holiday Critter Stuffies" Reader Challenge

Add Pattern to Journals with Zentangles and Transfers
Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Raw Beauty

Melanie Testa
Make RecyclaBabes to protect the planet




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popping the question
What most often gets you back "on track" when you are in a creative slump?

Muse Flash
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Working with Liquid Pencil
Pam Carriker


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grace for the journey
Loretta Benedetto Marvel

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