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Easy Faux Silkscreening, A Haunting we will go challenge, Day of the Dead art with Michael deMeng.

Meet Ann Wood and her whimiscal creatures. Learn easy faux silkscreaning and try our paper and plaster pumpkins. Experiment with Steampunk style earrings and play with texture and layers. Create a painted fedora with the Crafty Chica and celebrate the Day of the Dead with Michael deMeng. Take a look at the results to our "A Haunting We Will Go" challenge and see the Judges Choice Calendar Art. Delve into the In the Mix department for a look at new products, adhesive choices and our On Our Radar artist spotlight.

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Get more hat-painting tips from Kathy Cano-Murillo


regular features

The Workshop
Patricia Gaignat
Faux silkscreen

I Made This: Castaway Book Art
Sara Naumann

Artist Profile: Ann Wood 
Susie Monday

An Artist’s Journey
Loretta Benedetto Marvel

projects and techniques

Art Journaling
Dawn Devries Sokol
Pages in stages: Part 3

Paper or Plaster?
Leslie Brier
A plastic pumpkin makeover

Dead Man's Party
Michael deMeng
Skelatal Assemblage

Chronorevelator Earrings
Jean Campbell
Steampunk style 

Altered Metal Journals
Jess Italia Lincoln

La Flora Fedora
Kathy Cano-Murillo

Texture & Layers
Lisa Kesler
With paint and stencils



who did this?

the in-box

Calling All Artists:  Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan Search 2011

In The Mix
This is in, Now Read This, A Look at…Making it Stick, and On Our Radar

Popping the Question:
Have you ever created guerrilla art? 

Muse Flash
A pastiche of creative inspiration

Reader Challenge Announcement:
“All Buttoned Up"

"Make it Pretty" Calendar Contest
Judges' Choice 

Reader Challenge Results:
"A Haunting We We Will Go" 


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