Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2011 Table of Contents


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table of contents

projects and techniques

40 Personalized Papermaking
       Paula Guhin
       How to add custom colors, texture,            and more to your paper

46 Deconstructed Assemblage
       Lynn Krawc zyk
       Using screen printing in 3-D collage

52  I Make My Own Friends
       Paula Nerhus
       Steampunk art dolls

58  Cyanotype Journals
       Diane Riley Apple
       Making prints with vintage family     

64  Mixed-Media Mosaics
       Rebecca Collins
       Collage with glass and paper

regular features

24   I Made This: ‘Power Hungry'
       Patricia Chapman

28   The Workshop
       Lisa Thorpe
       Reduction Printing
       Printing back to front, color by color

34   Artist Profile: Ivan Lovatt
       Barbara Delaney

91   An Artist's Journey
       Loretta Benedetto Marvel




2 Musings

8 Who Did This?

10 The In-box

12 In the Mix
     This Just In, Now Read This, 
     A Look at…Water-soluble Art 
     Supplies, and On Our Radar

22 Muse Flash
      A pastiche of creative

70 Cloth Paper Scissors
       2012 Calendar Finalists

74 Reader Challenge Results:
       ‘Wild Wire '

82 Reader Challenge Announcement: ‘Carve it Up!'

85 Marketplace

89 Classifieds and Ad Index

95 Homework


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