Cloth Paper Scissors, September/October 2012 Table of Contents

22   We Made These: Artists Give Back
        Cloth Paper Scissors CREATE and 2012 Contributing Artists

24   Adventures in Arting
       Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

30   ArtistProfile: Linda Kaye-Moses
        Barbara Delaney

95   Follow Your Art
        Paula Guhin
        The Siren Song

online extras

 projects and techniques

37   Santos de Estrella Cage Doll
        Robin Dudley-Howes

44   The Gypsy Wagon      
        Linda Cain

50   Lightbulb Trophies      
        Mandy Russell

57   City of Refuge 
        Veronica Funk 
        A reclaimed village 

62   From Computer Screen to Sewing
Trudi Sissons       
        Part 2  

68   Collage to Order
        Susan Black
        Create with words 

74   Objects of My Desire         
        Jenny Cochran Lee 
        Making sewn paper collage collections 



 2   Musings

 8   Who Did This?

10  Social Corner

14   In the Mix
       This Just In,
        Now Read This,
        Look at . .  Hardware
        in the 
Studio, and On Our Radar 

28   Getting Technical
        Nikki Smith

66   Call for Art

48   Reader Challenge
        Art Supply Doodle

81   Reader Challenge
Supportive Art

90   Marketplace

92   Ad Index

93   Classifieds


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